Sacred Mexico

Sacred Mexico, Cancun Retreat, 2007

Cancun 2007 Retreat Recap

Blessings to you all! We are back from the retreat in Cancun and wanted to let you know how it went! There were 9 people that attended and we became a very nice close-knit group of friends (like a family). Those who attended were Starla Perico, Steve Jones, Brie Schwartz, Brigitte Lippincott, Sue Austin, Laurie Schafer, Liz O'Brocki, Dr. Turi, and Gina O'Connor. Everyone wants to go back again and to stay in touch now that we are friends and had a great time!

There were many experiences of spiritual transformations, healings, synchronicities, growth, emotions, laughter, tears, fun, learning, sharing, and conversations. Each person has a story to tell and a different perspective that I hope we will all be able to share in now. Any expectations people had, had a way of adjusting to the needs of the moment and a divine plan. We were definitely guided. I don't know how many times the word or name "angel" came up! In fact, 2 tour guides named Miguel Angel came up to us, lol! Yes, tour guides with name of Archangel Michael! Angel came up at least 20 times or more on this journey.

I don't know where to start about each experience that we had, but we will try to communicate it for you as time goes by. And we know that some of you would have liked to have been there. Let me tell you that you were on our minds and in our hearts:) There is always a next time!Thank you to the wonderful people who attended and the gifts of spirit and grace your energy bestowed upon us all! Thank you to all those who supported this event. Your energy and kind thoughts made a difference and helped to make it happen for those who needed it the most.