Energetic Cleansing - Hucha Rumi

Energetic cleansing is an inca shamanism healing technique

Energetic Cleansing can positively affect your spiritual, mental, and emotional nature by removing negative energy you may be carrying, either as a result of stress and the everyday accumulation of contact with one's work environment or other people's influence of negativity that you have unconsciously taken on and hold within your emotions and physical body.

It can also occur due to unintentional or intentional negativity aimed at you (jealousy, envy, anger, grief, high pressure, or expectations). It may also build up due to more severe and intense negativity aimed at you (abuse, a hex, divorce, mental imbalance). Energetic cleansing washes away negative conditions and clears the way for positive experiences.

Energetic cleansing may also improve physical comfort, and may provide protection and increased well-being. It positively affects the body, mind, and soul. For best long term results, it should be done on a regular basis. An additional, and very common, reason to perform an energetic cleansing is to prepare oneself for a ritual or spiritual rite of some kind. Just as one would take a shower or bath and dress in clean clothes at the start of a new day, so should spiritual practitioners cleanse themselves before undertaking work for clients or performing a ritual or ceremony.

In Inca Shamanism, one method used to cleanse energetically is called the Hucha Rumi. This method of cleansing starts at the crown chakra or head and proceeds down the front of the body, to the feet. During the Hucha Rumi you become more deeply grounded and rooted into Mother Earth (Pachamama). Through the Hucha Rumi and the sacred medicine stones (khuyas) we use, your sides and your back are also cleared. Each section of your aura (energetic body) is addressed so that your past, present and future can be thoroughly cleansed and made whole again. We also reconnect you with the umbilical cord of your life and light. In the end, you are also given an additional boost to clear and open your path to the future. Furthermore, by working with these special sacred stones from our mesa (medicine bundle), we help to give you added protection so that your aura is less susceptible to further stress or energetic heaviness (also known as hucha). By doing so, this helps to minimize emotional, physical, spiritual illnesses or disease.

To schedule an appointment for the Energetic Cleansing, Hucha Rumi, contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance, but is more effective in person.