Nusta Kuna Karpay, Initiation of the Seven Inca Goddesses

These initiations connect you to the sacred feminine mountains and waters of Peru

The nusta kunas are the princesses and goddesses of the mountains (apus) and waters along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. The Nusta Kuna Karpay is the initiation of the Seven Andean Goddesses from the Inca shamanic tradition. There are many more Incan goddesses, but these are the seven most known ones and they are also connected to each other. Each one is represented by a different color of the rainbow.

Now is the time for the great transformation and balance of humans to bring healing to Mother Earth, also known as Pachamama. The nustas help immensely with this balance. The intent of the Nusta Kuna Karpay initiation is to soften the heart of both women and men and to help empower women. The seven initiations are seeds of light or energetic points of transmission to bring the feminine energy around the luminous body and to gain a strong connection with these goddesses so they can support you when you need it. As you heal and balance the Divine Feminine within yourself, so do you help to heal Mother Nature (Pachamama). Further, the Nusta Kuna Karpay will connect you more deeply with other goddesses around the world, as they are in communication like a network of energy around the world grid.

In the New Times, since 2012 called the Taripay Pacha "the century in which we meet ourselves again," it is very important to embrace all parts of ourselves, both masculine and feminine. Each of us, have both sides within us. The feminine energies have been suppressed in Western societies and other cultures as well, since prehistoric times. This has created a great imbalance in people's lives, relationships and all of nature. The Divine Feminine is demanding to be recognized once again and the Inca shamans know how crucial this is for the survival of life on this planet. Balance needs to be restored on all levels. We need to give back to Mother Nature and we need to have respect for that which is feminine in nature, as well as to the masculine aspects. Many indigenous cultures honor the feminine, but the Q'ero Incas have and continue to honor it, perhaps more than others. Information about the nustas was hidden in the mountains since the Spanish conquest. Now is the time for them to reemerge and create balance on earth. Only now, do they come to share this knowledge with the rest of the world.

The Nusta Kuna Karpay has been directly transmitted to us from our teachers the paqos and recently has been deepened for the new energies that are coming into force. Hatun paqos (high shamans) from the Peruvian Andeans, Don Mareano and Don Claudio personally visited and held ceremonies with the nusta mountains and waters in order to strengthen the connection and initiations they would pass on to us, so that we can offer it to you. We have gone through a further process of introspection and deepening within ourselves to gain an even more personal connection with the nustas in order to be able to profoundly pass it on through this initiation.

The nustas are also connected to our chakras. The chakras are the organs of the luminous body and contain also our dark parts and history. We will work deeply within all the chakras and each color of the rainbow.

If you are already working in the Inca shamanic tradition, you may like to work with a special goddess or nusta medicine bundle (or nusta mesa). You may bring this with you to the Nusta Kuna Karpay initiations. It may consist of seven chumpi stones or seven other sacred stones (khuyas) that are dedicated to each goddess. You may carry this in a separate mesa cloth and put this within your main mesa or carry it separately. The khuyas of your mesa (if you have one) should not be the same as the khuyas of your nusta mesa. Although it is possible to transmit the Nusta Kuna Karpay without these stones, it is recommended that you have them. They will be a way to continue to connect and meditate with the nustas later on, after the initiation.

Here are the names of the Seven Inca Nustas:

Mama Ocllo (First nusta):

She is the creator goddess or mother of Father Sun (Inti tayta) and Mother Moon (Mama killa). Inca legend says that she emerged from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia near the Temple of the Moon. She held a golden staff and by throwing it, Cusco was formed. This golden staff was there in the central point (axis mundi) and needed to be recovered. The axis mundi means the center of the world or where creation emerged. She also taught the women to weave textiles and gave them the symbols in the cloths. She brings the seeds of light into the seven chakras. After the Spanish invasion and conquest, Mama Ocllo returned to live in the labyrinth under Lake Titicaca.

Dona Mujia (Second Nusta): Dona Mujia is the goddess and spirit of the sea (Mama Cocha) and also all flowers. She works on the negative aspects of the ego. With the love of flowers, we can bring spirits of the water to you wherever you go.

Mama Simona (Third Nusta): Mama Simona lives in the area west of Cusco. She is connected to your ancestral female lineage. With her, you can connect with your roots. The transmission is through the solar plexus. Her energy is like coming home and finding yourself again.

Dona Theresa (Fourth Nusta): Dona Theresa is the nusta of love. She lives in Apu Ausungate. Ausungate has a heart shape to it and she resides in that particular part of Ausungate. She cleans the energy of the heart to clearly express our emotions. Then we can see and express our hearts through the eyes of the heart and love.

Maria Sakapana (Fifth Nusta): Maria Sakapana is the nusta or goddess of the wind and communication. She is connected to the throat chakra and lives in Apu Ausungate. She is also related to the condor. During her initiation, the fifth chakra will be cleansed to remove any blocks and to embrace who you are.

Juana/Huana Wamantikilla (Sixth Nusta): Juana Wamantikilla resides in the area of Apu Ausungate. She has within herself condors, eagles, and owls. She is connected to the third eye chakra. She represents and embodies clarity and a higher perspective in life. She brings visions and pulls away clouds so we can see like an eagle or condor, from high above.

Thomasa Wamantikilla (Seventh Nusta): Thomasa Wamantikilla is the twin sister of Juana Wamantikilla. She resides in the area of Umanta, a huge mountain, North of Cusco. She is the goddess of Freedom. Her initiation is one of transformation. She is associated with the crown chakra.
Each goddess brings s you something special that only you will be able to feel. The descriptions above are merely an outline to give you an idea as to what they represent in general. Your experience will go much deeper than any description and you may be surprised how this will strengthen over time. It is recommended also that you continue to work with the nustas in meditation so you can vibrate with them in the most profound ways. The Nusta Kuna Karpay is like no other initiation you will ever receive and is truly a blessing in both gentle and powerful ways.

To schedule a time for the Nusta Kunay Karpay, contact us. These may only be done in person.