Introduction to Crystals Workshop

Crystal Healing and Certification (also Distant)

The power and the energy of crystals can be remarkable, particularly in the field of healing where crystals play an important role in releasing and clearing negative energies. Each crystal and stone has a unique vibrational resonance that can amplify, transmute, stabilize and balance the body. Each individual crystal and stone is unique in its energy and carries its own blessing. Crystals link us with the earth's natural energies and healing systems. These techniques have been used by many cultures throughout history. Quartz crystals are perhaps the most known crystals to be said to have healing benefits. Quartz are said to induce the following health benefits: increase and balance body energy channels, balance physical health, help with meditation, stimulate body's chakras, and stimulate the self-curing abilities of the body.

The Introduction to Crystals Workshop focuses on the healing geometric formations of crystals. Every quartz crystal is made up of one or more particular geometric formations. These formations hold the energy and secret to how one may work with them for particular forms of healing. Some of these types of crystal formations include: Activation, Barnacle, Bridge, Channeling, Curved, Cluster, Curved, Cross, Double-Terminated, Elestial, Faden, Generator, Key, Manifestation, Rainbow, Record Keeper, Scepter, Self-Healed, Singing, Tabby, and Transmitter. There are also several Master crystal formations that you will learn about for advanced healing. But if you want to learn about how to heal with them specifically, you may want to take the Laying on of Crystals workshop. Still, there is a great deal of information to be learned just focusing on the healing aspects of these formations. For anyone who wants to begin working with crystals or understanding them, this is the place to begin. You should be able to recognize and name the various geometric crystal formations when you see them.

Although you may have been around crystals for years, you may still find that all the formations may be a little overwhelming to remember or recognize. This is easily solved by taking the Introduction to Crystals. You will be shown exactly what the formations look like and examples of each kind so that you will soon be able to recall each one. You will be given fun hands on exercises to quiz you on the types of formations and their healing properties. In the workshop, we will handle the crystals so that you can examine them personally and ask any questions you may have about them. Feel free to bring your own crystals so that you can better familiarize yourself with what you may already have.

The benefits of the Introduction to Crystals class is that you can gain practical experience with crystals so that you can learn to heal with them or identify them when you see them. It will also give you an increased connection with the crystal realms, the more you work with them. As you hold and handle them, you will feel an increased energy and you will be surprised to feel and perceive the differences between each crystal as you hold and gaze at it.

One other benefit of the Introduction to Crystal Workshop is that you also have the opportunity to learn about a selection of colored gemstones and quartz crystal inclusions (crystals with mineral inclusions). This will give you an even broader range of stones that you can recognize and work with for your own personal healing, enjoyment, or healing with your clients. While there are almost an infinite number of types of healing stones, there are some that every crystal healer should know about. These are the stones that we will focus upon and later if you take the Laying on of Crystals Healing workshop, you can use these too.

If you are interested in the Introduction to Crystals workshop, contact us. This workshop can be taken as an individual or group. It is possible to arrange the workshop at a distance, as well, but only for individuals.