Cutting Cords and Grounding with Crystals Workshop

Learn how you can cut cords with crystals and use them for grounding

In the Cutting Cords and Grounding with Crystals Workshop, you will learn the importance of cutting energetic cords so that you are not drained by other's problems, thoughts, or intentions (conscious or unconscious) or your own. You will be shown ways to effectively cleanse your system this way for healing.

You will also be shown various ways to ground energy for healing flow, balance and health, for yourself and others. The importance of this should not be under-estimated. Every healer who works with others should know how to do this in order to develop in his or her path of healing. It will help you to keep yourself healthy, as well as others. You will be shown how to enhance these techniques with various crystals suitable for these purposes. Many people who work with crystals or healing forget to ground. They enjoy floating around in other dimensions without a tether. But what they may not realize is that they are shorting themselves out electrically. They are not drawing upon the energies of Mother Earth to help the flow circulate in a full cycle. The energy is stopping within the body and only circulating within itself, therefore one may feel extremely tired. It sometimes is the case that a healer who does not practice grounding or cutting cords becomes overwhelmed by the energies of her or his clients. Then the healing becomes a drain on the aura and the healer is left sick or ineffective in his or her healing sessions.

Particular kind of stones and crystals are optimal for grounding or cutting cords. You will learn some of the different types and colors you may use. Not only can it depend on the color, but it can depend on the shape or individual personality of a stone. Sometimes stones or crystals are programmed for a particular use such as grounding or cutting cords. If you want to learn more about programming, there is a separate workshop for that called the Activating and Programming Crystals Workshop.

If you are interested in the Cutting Cords and Grounding with Crystals Workshop, please contact us. This workshop can be done as an individual or group. It can also be taken long-distance by individuals.