Laying on of Crystals Workshop

Crystals have been use in healing for thousands of years, learn how to use crystals on a body for healing.

In the Laying on of Crystals Workshop, you will be taught how to create crystal and colored stone healing layouts on and around a person's body. It will include several types of layouts for various important aspects of healing (grounding, removing blocks, energizing, and more). You will also learn a Chakra balancing technique.

Chakra balancing is a way to bring back the natural state of your chakras or the energetic centers on your body. There are actually many chakras on your body, but typically we focus on seven of these that line up the front and backsides of the body (base, naval, sacral, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.) Each energetic center rotates clockwise when it is in good health. But sometimes the chakra may be blocked or rotating backwards. Chakra balancing is a way to get all the chakras rotating again in the proper order and unblocked so they can interact with each other and the energy can flow for proper health. In the Laying on of Crystals Workshop, you will learn some ways to place crystals and stones on or around the body to balance the chakra system. There are several ways to do this, but we will focus only a couple techniques.

Crystal layouts can used in conjunction with many forms of healing such as Reiki, Shamballa Healing, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing and more. We will demonstrate various layouts and how to combine this with the energy of healing with your hands. You will be able to practice this yourself and develop some confidence with different types of stones and layouts. Later on, you may be able to customize these layouts of your clients and the specific kinds of healing you are focusing on.

Some of the other crystal layouts we will go over include those for the following purposes: Receiving more Love; Purification; Awakening the Third Eye; and Opening to Communicate. We will use stones specific to the type of healing or chakra area that we will be working with. The configurations of the stones will also add energy to the layouts. Although you will learn some special layouts, you will also learn that there is a certain freedom and intuition that goes with creating the layouts. You will also want to tune into the person's body, as well as to the stones. Tuning in will give you a better sense of what would be most helpful for healing.

If you would like to sign up for Laying on of Crystals Workshop contact us. This workshop may be taken as an individual or as a group.