Crystal Shapes Workshop

Learn in this workshop about the various crystal shapes and what they mean

In the Crystal Shapes Workshop, the history and function of specialized crystal forms will be explained and how they can be used for healing purposes and transformation. Specific forms or stone shapes, such as spheres, obelisks, pyramids, wands, sacred geometrical forms and spirit forms (angels, saints, buddhas, crosses, deities, fairies, and more) have their own unique and distinctive healing functions and energies. You will learn how to determine which form best suit your purposes and we will go over a few exercises and technique so you can begin to explore the possibilities for healing.

The Crystal Shapes workshop also covers Lemurian crystals. Lemurian crystals are very powerful tools that connect with ancient times and are especially relevant to expanding consciousness on the planet today. We will discuss some ways that you may work with Lemurian crystals in these ways. Lemuria is an ancient civilization that came prior to and coincided with Atlantis. Although there is no known written record of it, many people believe the Lemurians were an advanced people with psychic abilities and high levels of awareness. It is believed that the Lemurians planted the Lemurian crystals as seeds or seed crystals to be found at a later time to help humanity evolve and assist Mother Earth. They are considered to be Master crystals and should be handled carefully and only with good intentions. All crystals, though, should be used with good intentions.

Crystal skulls are also very powerful healers and transformers of consciousness. These shapes of crystals can be worked with in personal healing, but especially for those who wish to help others, and for planetary healing. Please note that we also offer a variety of crystal skull workshops that go in more depth on different topics from beginner to advanced levels. You will learn the some of the many variations and how you can optimize these forms in your own healing practice or home in those classes. The crystal skull form will not be discussed in the Crystal Shapes Workshop. It is just too broad of a topic.

If you are interested in signing up for the Crystal Shapes Workshop, contact us. This workshop can be taken as an individual or group.