Crystal Grids Workshop

Learn how to make grids with crystals

In the Crystal Grids Workshop you will learn how to create grids or mandalas for manifestation. You will learn how to design your own personal crystal grids. These are powerful tools to manifest healing, your intentions, and dreams. You will learn specific layouts based on sacred geometry, as well as other healing layouts and designs. You will be able to work with small formats as well as very large ones for your home, in nature, or on your journeys to sacred places.

A crystal grid is a name for a placement of stones, crystals, or other objects. It may take many shapes and the way it looks can be very individual and unique. In one sense, it is like becoming a child and playing again or just creating designs and expressing feelings in artistic shapes. You can choose particular types of crystals or colors to symbolize your intentions or your heart. The most important thing is that you create it with love and positive intentions because they can be very powerful tools for healing. You can perform healing for just about anything or anyone you can think of. But you also should keep in mind that you need to ask permission of the soul of a person or the person her or himself to see if they would like this. Crystal grids can also be used for protection in homes. You may also use words or written letters within a crystal grid to work towards specific healing, abundance, or solutions. Further, you can also create crystal grids as a way to give thanks for something. Really there are infinite ways to explore crystal grids. After you have taken the Crystal Grids Workshop, you may continue to be inspired to make many more grids with the crystals and items you have at home. You can even decide to create the grids outside or when you travel. They can be mini representations or microcosms of a greater whole or you may like to create large ones in the landscape.

Another kind of grid is a body layout. In the Laying on of Stones Workshop you will learn these techniques separately. You may see other workshops that grid on the body, but the Crystal Grids workshop is specifically designed for work off the body. The grids are usually made on a cloth, table, or can also be spread out throughout a home for protection, guidance, abundance, or even to relieve geopathic stress. Sometimes a crystal grid is put up for just a short time and other times it can stay much longer.

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