Tree Healing

Trees are used often in Inca shamanism Healing techniques

The Inca shamans (paqos), our mentors, have a special healing technique that they have taught us. This is a technique for breaking patterns, releasing blocks, bringing gifts of spirit and opening the potential of our lives. With this healing we work with the energy of a blessed tree branch attuned to your energy.

The Tree Healing also helps to give you added protection in your life and energy field. It is also brings more trust and purpose (strong intent) to move forward in life if you feel held back in any way. Specifically, the paqos have shared that the Tree Healing is very useful in the New Times that we are in now, the Taripay Pacha "the century in which we meet ourselves again."  

Trees are important spirit helpers for the Q'ero people. One extremely healing tree for the Q'eros is the Palo Santo tree, Bursera graveolens (holy tree). The wood from this tree is burned in all healings, initiations, and ceremonies as incense for purification, protection, good fortune, as well as a connection to the trees themselves.  The Palo Santo tree is related to the same species as Frankincense (another holy incense used for many thousands of years).Palo Santo will be used in the Tree Branch Healing in addition to another type of local tree chosen especially for you. Only naturally fallen branches will be used. Also in Peru, the Palo Santo tree branch incense is only harvested when it has already fallen naturally out of respect for the spirit of the tree. It is true, plants do have consciousness. The Inca Q'eros have always known that plants are alive and can feel our thoughts.

The Tree Healing relates to three parts of the body and the energy of the tree will help in this process.

  • The Front Body: the front of the body relates to the past and things that are holding us back. It relates to sources, issues and traumas.
  • The Side Bodies: the sides of the body relate to the present and what is happening now. It relates to things that we want to work in our lives.
    • The Left Side: the left side of the body symbolizes support and what we want to anchor. We help you to anchor this in Mother Earth (Pachamama).
    • The Right Side: the right side of the body of the body symbolizes action and guidance. What would you like for now? The Tree Healing can give you guidance to know how to act in the present moment to move forward and achieve your goals and dreams.
  • The Back Body: the back of the body is related to the future. Why? This is the world you have not seen yet. The energetic pathways can be opened more to achieving the kind of future you want unblocked by any unseen or seen forces.

If you feel you need more flow in your life and would like to release blocks and receive protection from the trees, this healing may be right for you. To schedule an appointment for the Tree Healing, contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance.