The Ancient Sacred Origin of Honey and Bees

An article about the history and importance of bees

Summer's Solstice! In honor of this day, I put together some pieces of information about the honeybee and the roots of its symbolism and reverence for it in ancient cultures all around the world. The Summer Solstice is closely tied to honey, fertility, and the bees.

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Deep & Wide: An Analysis of the Holy Wells of Ireland

Article about the holy wells of Ireland

The prevalence of sacred or holy wells is common throughout Europe as well as many other places in the world. Perhaps of all locations though, there is no greater concentration of these sites than in the British Isles, particularly in Ireland. Symbols like the feminine principles ofgestation, fertility, goddesses as well as otherworldly realms are associated with Irish wellsAnd while the underlying of symbolism of the well has remained constant, the religious usage and identification of wells has undergone change throughout time.

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