The Great Initiations, Hatun Karpay

The Inca shamans know three great initiations that help you walk your soul path.

The Great Initiations (Hatun Karpay) are two hour long sessions in which the paqo supports the client in connecting with the path of his/her own soul and with his/her calling in life.

There are three main Initiations that the paqos facilitate for the client. These three together are collectively known as the Hatun Karpay. You will receive only one of the following initiations depending on what level of initiations you have or have not received. They are to be received in order. First, there is the opening of the heart (Munay). Second is the opening of the Third Eye (Yanchay). And third is the opening of the energetic stomach (Liankay). These cannot all be given at one time.

Please note that the paqos will decide if you are able to receive the initiations or if it would be best for you to receive a healing first. This decision will be based on your energetic needs and the paqos will be able to see what is best for you at this time. Healing also takes place during the initiations themselves.

Munay: This initiation opens an energetic correlation with the Fourth or Heart Chakra (or nawi in the Andean tradition). The paqo will open the nine gates of the heart and soften the heart so you can heal and express yourself in all aspects. These are also referred to as Temples of the Heart. They are as follows:

  1. Temple of Joy
  2. Temple of Sadness or Grief
  3. Temple of Humility
  4. Temple of Hope
  5. Temple of Anger
  6. Temple of Ego
  7. Temple of Harmony
  8. Temple of Sweetness
  9. Temple of Wisdom

Yanchay: This initiation opens an energetic correlation with the sixth chakra (nawi) or third eye. It helps clear your vision and bring deeper insight into life and your spiritual path. It is often connected to condors, eagles, and owls who have powerful vision. To receive this initiation is to gain more knowledge about your choices and may also increase or deepen your sixth sense or psychic knowing.

Liankay: This initiation opens an energetic correlation with the second chakra (nawi) or sacral/stomach. In Inca shamanism, the spiritual stomach is extremely important. It is where we hold in stress or heavy energy if we don't regularly cleanse it. On the other hand, when it is clear, it also holds powerful energy to heal and transform life. It is connected to our umbilical cord and thus to our origin and purpose. It is connected to a higher light from the heavens from where we originated before we came to be physically born on earth.

Inherent within each initiation is deep cleansing and healing to support the balancing and harmonizing of energies within the client's energy body. The paqos recommend that after receiving an initiation that the client allows 4 to 6 months to integrate the energy and information prior to receiving the next initiation.

At this time, we are not giving the Great Initiations (Hatun Karpay), but you may schedule these initiations with one of the paqos when they are here in Holland in the spring and fall. Check with Serena Anchanchu School of Inca Shamanism for their schedule. Sometimes, we host them here at our home so they can offer these initiations as well. We will post in our agenda here on the website, whenever they come here.