Shamanic Journeying

Make a shamanic sound journey, an ancient way of healing and trance to connect yourself on a soul level.

What is Shamanic Journeying?

Since the beginning of the cultivation of our spiritual existence on this planet, humans have sought to find answers for the questions in their souls and everyday lives. Where do we come from? How can we live a better life? Can we find love, abundance, or a new job? How can we be healed? Shamans in ancient history and to this day, are those people who journey into other states of consciousness in order to bring back answers to questions like these. The process of finding answers to these questions by going into meditation or other states of consciousness is referred to as shamanic journeying.

In order to retrieve the sacred information for healing, shamans (and other healers) essentially quiet the mind from the everyday world so they can clearly hear the wisdom that comes through. In the case of shamanic journeying, an altered state of mind is sought so that one may meet ones guides and can listen to their wisdom and get answers to questions. Depending on whom the guides are or what tradition a person is from, they may appear in a specific cultural or personal context. For instance, they may appear as angels, power animals, wise people, star beings, plants, crystals, or ancestors.

Nowadays, it is not just shamans who seek the answers to spiritual questions and go on shamanic journeys. This experience is open for anyone who would like to access his or her higher guidance and connect with helping spirits or allies. Everyone has many guides who help them. You may not be aware they are there with you, but when you go on a shamanic journey, you may well meet them. They are there to help you navigate through life for your highest good and often they offer you protection and guidance as well. If you decide to practice shamanic journeying, you may develop an ever deeper relationship with your guides and they will provide you with more and more clarity, inspiration, and wisdom, over time. You will realize you are not alone and that you are always loved and cared for throughout even the most difficult times of your life. Through shamanic journeying, you can consciously and safely enter into other worlds in which you can receive helpful guidance on whatever life situations you face.

During a shamanic journey you may ask a question that you want answered and focus on that. Then you should just be open and pay attention to anything that comes up. The answer to your question often will appear in a symbol. You are encouraged to bring a journal and write down anything that you experience so you won’t forget. Later, you may gain more insight about the meaning or you may already understand aspects of it right away.

The way we offer shamanic journeying is perfectly safe. We are only helping you to quiet your own mind so you can go within to find the answers. The other realms of consciousness and worlds are all within you. We will only be providing the environment and support for you to make it easier to visit them. Already you may be experiencing similar journeys through your dreams. Although there are several ways to achieve altered states of consciousness, we will only be facilitating this through sound and music and no other means.

You may choose whether you wish only go on a guided shamanic journey with sound or a journey with only sound, itself. In other words, we can guide you with our voices along with the drumming to help navigate you through other worlds such as Upper or Lower Worlds (traditional for finding power animals and guides). You can also go on a guided otherworldly forest journey or explore crystal caves, for instance. There are a few different themes we can offer. However, you may also choose to go on your own journey with no words and just let the sounds of the beats of the drum or rattles take you to unexpected places. Regardless of what you choose, it will always be new information that you receive and each experience will be completely different.

How is Shamanic Journeying Achieved with Drums, Rattles, Flutes?

There are several ways in which one may achieve an altered state of consciousness so that one can gain visions and journey into other realms. One of the safest and easiest ways to do this is through music. In particular, drums and rattles have been used for thousands of years in this way. The reason for this is that our brains shifts into theta state when we focus on a steady beat (approximately 120 to 130 beats per minute). That is around the same beat as Mother Earth’s natural frequency or the “Schumann Frequency” range. During a theta state, you are still aware of your surroundings, but you enter into a light trance. In a way, it is similar to lucid dreaming. In other words, you may see a whole world in front of you and hear and experience it clearly, but you are at the same time awake and aware enough to know that you are there lying on a mat in this present time and space.

Every person’s experience of a shamanic journey varies and he or she will be shown what is personally relevant in that moment. It usually takes most people 7-12 minutes before they feel an alteration in their consciousness. Typically, one may start out with shorter journeys that last about 30 minutes. Later, after practicing it more, one may go into the journey faster and stay somewhat longer. Nevertheless, the time one journeys may not feel like the actual time spent there. That is because you will be entering the realm of timelessness. Therefore, 30 minutes may feel like hours or days. The other dimensions’ times are not the same as our own exactly. It depends.

Anyone can experience psychic states of consciousness. We all have this ability to some degree. Shamanic journeying helps to free our minds so that we can relax and let go of everyday thoughts that often block our intuitive senses. Shamanic drumming and rattling gives the mind a point to focus on and by following the beat, the mind relaxes and that is when an intuitive awareness can emerge. One may have visions, hear sounds, smells, or just have a sense of knowingness. Each person usually has one sense in which her or his psychic ability will be most prominent. Some people have more than one or many.

Furthermore, the drums, rattles, and flutes have their own soul. Native peoples around the world tell us that every single thing on earth has a soul or spirit that should be recognized and respected. Drums and other instruments are sacred tools and helpers that have spirits too. The spirit of a particular instrument also helps guide the journey. Some people say that an instrument does not even have to be played in order to bring healing. Its presence alone is healing even when no sound is being played. Drums, rattles, and flutes can also have been made in a very sacred manner which has been strengthened through ceremony, and the living being that it was made from—trees, plants, stones, or animals all can be part of the healing energy vibrations in the instrument that you will feel during shamanic journeying.

While particular drums and rattles take you on specific journeys and are traditionally used in different contexts, as a whole, the journey is essentially achieved through the beat. The beat itself is what takes you into the trancelike state so you may journey. When a native flute is used, the experience is facilitated in a slightly different manner. The music of the flute guides you through its own story and feeling. You mind travels with the sound of music and vibrations. And with the flute there will be no story telling or guided voice going on at the same time, because it would be distracting. Also, there are many kinds of native flutes that offer different types of healing and journeys. There are some that have higher sounds, lower sounds, and the sound of 2-3 playing at once within one flute. In any case, the instrument will attune to your particular vibration and play what is needed at that moment in resonance with your soul, whether it is drum, rattle, or flute. You can also choose which instrument you prefer or explain the reason for your journey and receive a recommendation.

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