Reiki Healing

Reiki is a universal energy healing technique that Mikao Usui brough back from ancient times forgotten.

The primary principle of Reiki Healing is utilizing the inherent energy in all beings for self-healing. Rei means the Divine Consciousness and Ki (or Chi) means energy or light force energy. Divine Consciousness directs the life force energy to heal ailments in the body. The specific form of Reiki that we use is called Usui Reiki named after its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui. Usui Reiki is based upon both Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

People with a lot of ki tend to make other people around them feel better and more energized. However, those who are depleted tend to unconsciously absorb or suck up ki from other people. You may have encountered people who tend to make you feel tired or drained for no apparent reason at all. It is not their fault, but being aware of your energy level and that of others is important to your health. After Reiki Healing sessions, many people report that her/his ki or energy level increases as well as his/her overall health with a balanced and peaceful feeling.

We use Reiki Healing because it is simple yet extremely effective. However, we have also learned and practiced several healing modalities over the years. We often like to create a personalized combination of energy healing techniques chosen on site for each individual client's needs and requests. However if you prefer only Reiki, that is also perfect.

In general, a session may consist of laying on of hands or just working in the aura. You will lie down on a massage table in comfort, while your body is scanned for blocks or areas in need of attention. If there is a block or place in need, that is the area you can expect to be focused upon. It may require a clearing or unblocking followed by adding reiki energy to the affected area. In the session, you will also receive chakra balancing, cord cutting when needed, and you will be provided with a sense of groundedness and flow. Upon request, crystals, crystal skulls, or sound healing can be added to to enhance and strengthen your experience and speed the healing processes.

Wearing loose clothing and no watches or jewelry is recommended. You should also drink a lot of water before and after your visit to assist you in your healing process. Reiki healing can make you feel dehydrated because your body uses a lot of energy during the session. Water helps to allow flow of energy throughout the body as well as grounding you. Water also acts as a cushion to give support for the joints and is anti-aging for the skin and all vital organs. All Reiki Healing Sessions include a pre and post- consultation.

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