Crystal Skulls Workshop Part Two

Crystal Skull Sessions

In the Introduction to Crystal Skulls workshop, we focused on topics to help people who had never worked with a crystal skull before learn more about them in general. In the Crystal Skulls Workshop Part Two, we continue with this series and go a little more in depth.

The topics we will cover include:

  1. Different types of crystal skulls, their stones and healing properties
  2. Preparing your crystal skull to work with you
  3. Activating your crystal skull
  4. A crystal skull meditation
  5. Decoding the messages from your skull
  6. Questions and answers

Many people purchase a crystal skull and are unsure what to do with one once they have one. They may have been drawn to the stone or carving or some specific quality about the skull, but now that its home, they would really like some information on ways to interact with the skull or use it for healing. Is it just supposed to sit on a shelf as a collection piece or are there more ways to work with one Other people may be interested in purchasing a crystal skull but are not sure which one would be right for them. The Crystal Skulls Workshop Part Two offers some possible answers to those questions and more.

The first topic we will cover is how to choose a crystal skull based on the type of stone or other healing properties about it. The second topic discussed is what you should do when you first get your crystal skull home or are waiting for one to arrive in the mail. How can you prepare? Thirdly we will explore the ways you can activate your crystal skull so it will interact with you more and hold a high frequency of energy for healing.

We will also give you a chance to interact with some different crystal skulls and feel into them during meditation. You will be able to discern the differences in energy and see if they have something to say to you. You may also bring your own crystal skull or skulls to work with in this way. After you have meditated with a particular crystal skull you can tell about your feelings and experiences, if you like. You can describe what is going on and we will help you to discern ways to increase your understanding of the experiences or decode them, so to speak.

In the end of the workshop, there will be plenty of time for any questions you may have over these topics or other questions about crystal skulls. We will do our best to answer your questions.

If you would like to sign up for Crystal Skull Workshop Part 2, please contact us. You may like to try the Introduction to Crystal Skulls Workshop first, but it is not a prerequisite. This workshop may be taken in a group or as an individual.