Introduction to Crystal Skulls

This a beginner workshop that teaches you what crystal skulls are about.

Crystal Skulls bring powerful dimensions of communication and healing to the Earth. We can work with crystal skulls to increase our understanding of ourselves, humans, our spiritual guides as well as other universal dimensions. Introduction to Crystal Skulls is the first in a series of workshops on crystal skull consciousness. Topics included in this one day workshop:

  1. What is a crystal skull and why might we want to work with one?
  2. Skulls as transmitters, recorders, reflectors, and transformers
  3. A short meditation with crystal skulls
  4. Famous crystal skulls, their legends, and history
  5. Questions and answers

Many people wonder why anyone would want to work with a crystal skull because at first glance their appearance may look a little scary. They seem to remind us of death or pirate flags. But crystal skulls are so much more than that. They mirror the human form and are a symbol of Oneness in that sense; therefore they are particularly healing for humans. Also, the stones are carved from have their own healing properties, as well as the essence or spirit of the skull consciousness. Their energy can be at a very high level of consciousness and can help people in their healing processes, spiritual practices, and provide a lot of support. Shamans and spiritual practitioners the world over have used them throughout history for healing and communication. They represent the consciousness or crown chakra.

You will learn not only why people like to work with crystal skulls in the Introduction to Crystal Skulls Workshop, but you will also learn some ways that they are worked with specifically such as: transmitters, recorders, reflectors, and transformers. After this, we will have a short meditation with some crystal skulls so you can get a chance to feel and experience them, if you like.

We will also spend some time going over the rich history that surrounds some of the most famous crystal skulls and see what they look like and what their story was about. It is really amazing how magical these famous crystal skulls were. And some of them are still around in private collections.

The last part of the workshop will be devoted to questions and answers. Always with crystal skulls, there are plenty of questions and that can take some time. We will do our best to answer your questions if we can.

If you are interested in signing up for the Introduction to Crystal Skulls Workshop, please contact us. It may be taken alone or in a series. It is your choice if you want to take them in consecutive order or not or if you want to only take one workshop. This workshop may be taken as an individual or as a group. It can only be taken in person.