Sacred Sites, Ley Lines, and Dowsing

Many people describe extraordinary experiences while visiting these places.

Sacred sites are located all over the world and spring from every spiritual tradition in history..Since ancient times and even before recorded history, people have honoured the land in their own way, consecrating it with ceremony, ritual, and meditation.

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Night School

Visit the Ascended Masters, angels and other light beings in your sleep.

It is important to realize that if you are on the path of ascension (elevation enlightenment of yourself to a higher state of consciousness) and you are looking for development opportunities there are even options that you can use while you sleep. Everybody can visit the Night School!

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The Ascended Masters

Learn about the Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers and guides that help and aid us from the higher dimensions. Once, these Masters lived like us as a human on Earth. By certain spiritual growth processes they have reached Ascension and transcended the reincarnation cycle. They are at the service for humanity to help and support us and the planet in our personal growth, transformation and ascension process.

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