Activating and Programming Crystals Workshop

Learn different ways to activate and program your crystals in this workshop.

In the Activating and Programming Crystals Workshop, you will learn how to activate and program your crystals and colored stones. You will learn several techniques to connect with your crystals for purposes of healing and transformation. Crystals can receive and hold thought forms and when this is done with intention, it is called programming. The term "Programming" is used because this process is similar to computer programming. Information, emotions, and thoughts can be stored inside the crystalline structure of the stones as electro-magnetic charged data. It can also be retrieved and transformed.

Activating a crystal means simply to make it more active by working with it or engaging it in various ways. Activating your healing stones is a way of stimulating the natural attributes of the crystals. The crystals become more animated and alive. If you do not work with a crystal and it lays idle on a shelf, it can become dormant. If you would like to wake it up so it can interact with you for healing, then you should activate it. You will learn some specific ways that you can activate your crystals for healing. It is also a way of honoring the crystals and stones and allowing them to express themselves.

In the programming section, we will also discuss how to make contracts with crystals in agreement for their, your, and others highest good and ethical choices.' You should always feel into a crystal and ask it if it would like to be delegated for a specific purpose or not. If you feel it does not, then it is best to honor its choice or answer. You can always ask another one. Some crystals are inclined for one type of healing over another. They will let you know this if you tune it. It may just be a very subtle feeling, but you should trust your intuitions when it comes to feeling into crystals so your sense of them will grow.

Activating and programming crystals can be accomplished together or you may choose to work with one method only. Some people prefer to only activate a crystal and just enjoy the energies of feeling it awakened. Other people like to program crystals because they want to use them for grids, healing layouts or as personal healing tools. Not only crystals, but other stones can be activated and programmed, as well. You may also be working in a particular healing tradition (shamanism, reiki, feng shui, etc) and want to program them to assist you very specifically for healing, journeying, extraction, raising frequencies, protection, and so on. You may also want to program them to connect with particular frequencies, dimensions, angels, guides, earth spirits, stars so that you can repeatedly strengthen these types of relationship through and with the help of the crystal. We will teach you a few ways to activate and program your crystals in an honorable and ethical way. However, there are infinite ways you may work with them in programming and activation.

If you would like to sign up for the Activating and Programming Crystals Workshop, please contact us. This workshop may be done as an individual or as a group. It may be done at a distance as an individual, but is more fun in person.