Ancestor Healing for Cutting Cords from Ancestors

he Kausay Muju (Living Energy Seed) is a healing technique specifically designed by the Inca Q'eros

Genetic disorders of the DNA can cause a lack of resistance against particular diseases and may be passed down through many generations or branches of a family tree. Mindsets, beliefs, dysfunctional emotional tendencies and cycles of abuse may also be transmitted through the family by learned behavioral patterns which might not even be perceived amongst individuals in the family itself.

When a pattern becomes ingrained as part of the way that a person is taught and treated since birth, he or she may not notice any kind of problem, or if so, then may not be able to put a finger on it or its cause. The cause can sometimes be tracked back in time to a particular side of the family or ancestor.

The Q'ero Inca shamans have a technique for cutting the dysfunctional cords of the ancestors. They call it Alma Taq'ay or Ancestor Healing. It is an important healing technique used to free you from any wounded or defective aspects in your family tree that may have been passed onto you and do not serve you for the highest good. It releases blocks that have persisted over time within you that have derived from the family. The Ancestor Healing may also travel back in time to heal individuals in the family who may still be living or even those who have passed. It can have an impact over time and space in this respect.

It works on old issues and removes the heavy energy that persists within these issues. We all have a strong connection to people in our family and even at a distance their energies can affect us intensely. This is when the cords should be cut so that you are not constantly being fed by negativity or drained of your vital energy. When a person is constantly under attack, she or he can lose their focus, self-esteem, feeling of support and even one's health. Any heavy issues that haunt the energy of the receiver will be detached and then blown to the light. Those involved in this healing process will be stand in their own energy and not infect or overpower others with any negative influence. In this sense you will become more protected from any possible re-infection.

When the cords are cut in the Ancestor Healing process, it does not mean you will be cut off from all the potential positive aspects and love from your family; instead it only weeds away the attachments that are harmful to our souls and replaces them with more positive connections. Every cord and attachment goes both ways and can trigger or escalate the family problems as they are constantly passed back and forth in ways that are counterproductive to healthy and loving relationships. If we heal these cords then the energy that is transmitted is one of a love, compassion, generosity, gratitude and light. True ayni (sacred reciprocity) can then be shared and expressed. The cord then becomes more like a ray of sunshine illuminating and lifting up our relationships so that they are nourishing all family members concerned. This not only can help to heal the past, but obviously it can help to heal the future in that these issues will not be passed on to future generations.

If you would like the Ancestor Healing, please contact us. It may be performed at a distance, but is recommended in person for its strongest effects.