Inca Divination

There are several ways that the Inca shamans work with divination

Types of Inca Divination: Pulse Reading, Mesa Reading, Coca Leaves Reading, Pleiadian Star Readings

There are four main types of divination used by the Q'ero Inca shaman or paqos.

They trained us to be able to use these ancient techniques and now we can offer them to you. Each type of divination is unique and offers a specific energy which corresponds to different aspects of life and healing. They are Coca leaf readings, Pulse readings, Mesa (medicine bundle) readings, and Pleiadan Star readings.

Coca Leaf Reading

The coca leaf reading connects you to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the sacred mountains (Apus), at the same time as you receive the reading. Through the coca leaves we interact, offer respect and meditate with Pachamama and the Apus to give us the support to do the reading for you. Prior to the reading, we offer a despacho (flower offering) as a gift for Mother Earth to support the highest outcome and transformation of your questions about the future. Whenever we are unable to use coca leaves, we will offer the reading through Laurel or Bay leaves or Rose leaves. According to the paqos, these types of leaves have a similar high frequency energy.

Coca Leaf readings are very traditional and important to the paqos. The Coca leaf is the most used plant medicine in the Andean Q'ero Incan tradition. It was a sacred plant from ancient times. The story goes that Mother Mary was looking for Jesus in the Sinai Desert and could not find anything to eat. All she could find was an herb to stop the hunger. It was the coca leaf. Living in the mountains and with days of walking from one place to another, is strenuous and difficult. One cannot carry much food or pack anything for traveling. So because of the legend or related to this, the paqos became known as "chewers". When you go for 2-3 days without food, this helps. Mother Mary is also another name for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and shows the way that the Q'eros translate the Catholic understanding of Mary into the context of their own landscape and ancient traditional and ceremonial belief structure. Coca leaves are a gift from her and nature. Chewing coca leaves is a good way to connect and interact with her and the mountains. The interaction offers inspiration from the spirits and a deep connection of nature.

In the Coca Leaf Reading, you will be able to ask a question about your future. We will read the way the leaves fall and are shaped in order to divine information from Pachamama about your future. Because we give a gift to Pachamama in the form of a despacho on your behalf, the reading also offers energy and promotes the highest outcome and support for your question. We will need to be contacted in advance so we can prepare your despacho prior to the Coca leaves reading.

Pulse Readings

Pulse readings are commonly used to diagnose all sorts of illnesses, problems, and issues in the Q'ero Inca shamanic medicine tradition. To read a pulse is to have direct contact with the soul and get answers from the energetic and physical body. The paqos divide the left and right pulses. The right pulse is related to the energetic body, aura, or soul. The left pulse is related to the physical body. Together, they give a fuller picture of your overall health.

Some of the issues that may come up in a pulse reading can be related to grief, worry, sadness, anger, trauma, soul loss, or you may have a good and balanced pulse. Most pulses, however, beat with some sort of issue that is calling to be healed on some level. The type of pulse that you have will reveal what is going on with you at this time or sometimes in the past.

Along with the Pulse Reading, you will receive a recommendation for specific healing based on what your pulse says about you. You have the option to get the healing or not, but we will not know what you need for sure until the pulse reading is done. The Pulse Reading in and of itself, though gives a certain amount of healing in the connection that is made with the pulse and your heart.

Mesa Readings

In the Mesa (Incan Medicine Bundle) reading, we will be working with our sacred medicine stones called khuyas. The Mesa Reading is good those who would like insight into specific aspects of their future. The stones shed light on those issues in detail. They also provide a connection and healing to those issues with the energies of our mesas and the spirits of the mountains and nature.

There are two main types of Mesa Readings you can choose from. One of them is a general reading and the other is a specific reading. Each is done with different numbers of stones or sacred medicine khuyas.

  • Mesa Reading with Five Khuyas (General Question): In this reading, we work with five medicine khuyas that paint a picture and tell us what is going on with you without asking any specific questions.
  • Mesa Reading with Three Khuyas (Specific Question): In this reading you will ask a question and then we will divine the answer with three medicine khuyas. We look at aspects of your question relating to the past, present, and future, with the help of the three stones.

Pleiadian Star Reading - (Koto Kuna)

The Pleiadian Star Reading is designed to answer questions about your destiny in life, as a whole. We work with sacred Chumpi stones from Machu Picchu and flowers in this form of divination. This is a reading, but it is also healing and support for your destiny. In fact, in each their own way, the different types of readings we offer, also give you support and healing for your questions. In this reading, we work with yellow, red, and white flowers to represent transformation, Pachamama, purity, and a connection with the ancestors of the stars and land.

The Pleiades are seen as the ancestors of the Q'ero Inca people and many people on earth. Our chumpi stones are used to connect you with this energy and the stars, along with the pure flower energies. Each one of the Pleiadain stars offers its own unique light, insight, and blessings.

If you are interested in any of the Inca Divination readings, please contact us to set up at time. These all may be done in person, or at a distance, except for the Pulse reading.