Reiki Level Two Attunement

Recieve the Reiki level two attunement in the Lineage of Mikao Usui.

The Reiki II Atunement is the next step in the process of working with and assimilating Reiki (Divine (Rei) Energy (Ki)). Just as Reiki I attuned and initiated you into a whole new world of healing and energies, so does Reiki II move your forward in this process in a very profound way. After becoming attuned for Reiki II you will become more aware not only of your own self healing and your immediate family and surroundings, but you will also become more aware on a wider level. In Reiki II, you will begin to integrate the - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to a greater degree and your energy frequency will become attuned for more refined healing techniques. In particular, your heart will be opened more so that this can increase your sense of feeling and intuition. Reiki works with an open heart so that you come from place of compassion and love. Some of the techniques you will learn include:

  1. Distance healing
  2. Healing into the Past, Present and Future
  3. Healing Relationships
  4. Healing Emotions
  5. Healing on a more Global level

Upon receiving Reiki II, you will learn the three sacred symbols, how to draw them, how to speak them, and their meaning. This will enable you to consciously direct Reiki energy through your mind to achieve specific healing results. When you receive the Reiki II Attunement you will also be attuned to work with these three symbols. Further, it will help to bring you in alignment so that your Ki (energy) can more easily flow.

Just as with Reiki I, in Reiki II, you will need to give yourself time to study and practice. First, you should practice on yourself or offer your services for free. Later, you can begin to offer Reiki to clients if you wish. It is recommended that you have a consultation before taking that step, just to see if you are ready.

The Reiki II Attunement and Class will take approximately half a day. If you are interested, please contact us.