Tuning into Crystals Workshop

In this workshop you learn how you can tune into crystals and work with them

In the Tuning into Crystals Workshop, you will learn how to use crystals to connect with your inner voice and guidance and the crystal beings. Meditation and visualization techniques will be used to demonstrate how to use crystals as tools for connecting to various realms of existence. This is a form of channeling and a way to develop ESP and intuition. Much information can come through with practice of this technique over time, as you develop a relationship with the crystal realms and your inner guidance system. You will learn to perceive the physical sensations of stones, their differences, the beings who may be connected to the crystals, as well as the messages they have to give you. You are encouraged to bring a journal and share your experiences. You will have the opportunity see demonstrations on how to do this and get to try it yourself.

You will be given a chance to tune into several crystals here or you may also bring your own crystals or stones. We will practice ways in which you may familiarize yourself and make a connection with the stone. You will get to feel into several kinds of crystals here and discover the ways you may feel differently about them. You will be encouraged to trust your inner voice, senses, any sign that comes up that may be a message from the stone. If you practice this over time with the same stone, you will be better attuned to it and it may speak to you more clearly, but for the purpose of time in the workshop, you will start out by comparing several stones.

We will also meditate and journey as methods for tuning into the crystals. Some people may find one way easier than another. There is really no right or wrong way, you just have to learn what way is best for you through practice and experience. The best steps for success however are a still mind, trust, and open heart. You may find that with continued practice that you are able to tune into higher frequencies and experience forms of ESP and enhanced dreaming.

To sign up for the Tuning into Crystals Workshop, contact us. This workshop can be taken as an individual or group. It is also possible to take this at a distance, as an individual using your own stones and crystals.