Crystal Healing - Rite of the Crystals

Crystals are used a lot in Inca shamanism healing

Q'ero Inca shamans (or paqos) frequently work with quartz crystals for healing. They have many ways they work with them and they are very important tools within the mesa (medicine bundle). They especially work with them for the deepest of healing processes. Not only do they use physical crystals, but they also work with energetic or etheric crystal from within the earth. They have taught us several of these very powerful healing techniques.

One of these is called the Rite of the Crystals or Crystal Healing.

Why are quartz crystals important to shamans and many other people around the world? Quartz crystals have certain properties that can assist one for healing. Quartz crystal has piezoelectric properties. If pressure is applied, then it can change from a negative charge to a positive charge - thus emitting energy simply by holding it in our hands! This acts as a support to amplify, focus, store, and transmit energy as well as thought. It is the connection between the physical dimension and mental and spiritual dimensions or altered states of consciousness. It can transform thoughts into sound through vibration and discharged energy. And it facilitates speaking to and receiving information from other realms- masters, guides, teachers, and healers.

In the Crystal Healing rite, you will be connected with your own crystal tools from within the crystal temple of the earth. We journey for you to this temple to retrieve your crystals and work with them during your healing session. The crystal that present themselves are specific for the kind of healing and issues that you need the most at that time.

The Crystal Healing rite also brings light to your entire energetic field, brings balance to your left and right sides, and masculine and feminine energies. The crystals will also help to cut any cords that are holding you back. Further, it aligns your chakras.

We will check your energy field for any blocks, anger, or frustration and then help to clear that area. The crystals can also cut energetic cords which may relate also to issues from ancestors. The Crystal Healing or Rite of the Crystals activates those crystal helpers who want to assist you in your healing process at the deepest of personal levels. It is a profound healing experience.

To schedule an appointment for the Crystal Healing (Rite of the Crystals) contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance, but is more powerful, in person.