Mother Earth (Pachamama) Connection Healing

This Inca Healing fully connects you to Mother Earth, Pachamama

In the Q'ero Inca tradition, Mother Earth is called Pachamama. She is the mother of all life on Earth and is responsible for the creation of all living things. In the Quechua language, Pachamama has various interpretations. It means "womb" or the source of creation. It also means mother of all space and time.

Thus, Pachamama is not only connected to the land and our planet, but is the reason for existence and the cycle of life within the time space continuum. She creates, nurtures, feeds, and oversees us as we go through birth, life, and death. She is always there as the witness of our lives and all life. She is always there to feed us and does so, whether or not we are aware of it.

The purpose of the Mother Earth Connection Healing is to reconnect or reawaken your connection with her as the Mother and source of life. It is a way to feed your soul and also brings healing to her and the planet through love. If you feel ungrounded or disconnected from nature or other people on this planet, the Mother Earth Connection Healing helps to bring you back in connection through her embracing arms of love and motherly support. You become rooted and grounded in the Earth. The result of this brings you much more energy because your energetic field is not only recycling through itself, but instead it is drawing from and exchanging energy from the ground and earth energy (which is immense). Thus you become more stable and balanced, as well. You gain purpose in life as love is given to you unconditionally. You begin to feel that you are never alone and without the support and love that you need to survive and thrive.

One specific aspect of the Mother Earth Connection Healing is that you will share (out loud or in your thoughts) three ways that you currently feel disconnected. These issues will be given to Pachamama to be taken care of so that you receive the guidance and support necessary to heal them. The Mother Earth Connection Healing brings you back into connection in many ways. You will also feel that you are coming back into contact with nature itself and you will be able to feel the ways you can help yourself and help the planet more and more. In many respects, it is a key to not only self healing, but helping to heal others and nature. In modern Western society this is crucial to our survival as a species. Pachamama is crying out for this. She is here to give her support and deserves the same love and respect in return.

To schedule an appointment for the Mother Earth Connection Healing, contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance.