Crystal Skulls and Atlantis Retreat

Crystal Skulls and Atlantis Retreat, Mallorca, 2008

Legends from around the world describe crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times. Crystal skulls are believed to "talk and sing" and to store and transmit messages for all sentient life. The lost civilization of Atlantis is also said to be part of Mallorca and the Baleric islands. Stories about crystal skulls and Atlantis have always gone hand in hand, thus this will be the perfect energetic location for this event.

Event activities will include workshops and lectures by key experts on crystal skull who will share their profound wisdom and healing to those who attend. Also included will be a sacred site healing and meditation excursion to an ancient site connected to Atlantis.

Schedule of Events

Friday May 9:

  • Meet and Greet in the Lobby at the Hotetur Bellevue, Alcudia Bay, Mallorca 5-6 pm
  • Introduction of Conference--Gina O'Connor International Spiritual Experience--9:00- 9:45 am
  • Crystal Skulls and Atlantis Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels--10-12 am
  • Crystal Skulls and Earth Energies Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 6-8 pm

Saturday, May 10:

  • Atlantis Energies Excursion
  • Jaap and Jeanne will take us on an excursion to explore the energies of lost civilization of Atlantis among the ancient ruins of Mallorca. 8 am - ?

Sunday, May 11:

  • Ceremonial Journeys with the Crystal Skulls and the Ancestors 9-11am
  • The Evolution of Crystal Skulls-- Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 1-3pm

Monday, May 12:

  • Crystal Skull Activation Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 9-11 am
  • How Crystal Skulls Support Us in Our Creation of Reality Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 1-3 pm

Workshop Leaders

Jaap van Etten

Jaap van Etten is a scientist with a PhD in Biology. His spiritual journey began in the 1970's. In the early 1990's he began to explore the experience versus the techniques of healing. In 1992 Jaap left the 9:00 to 5:00 work world and focused on his own self-discovery. In 1998 he moved from Holland to the US. His primary interest is the connection between spirituality and science, which led him to the study of Metaphysical Ecology. This study entails the relationship between the subtle energies of the human energy system and the subtle energies of the surrounding environment. He has developed an expertise in subtle energy systems, particularly earth energies. He has learned how our belief structures, emotions and thoughts influence our energy and health. Jaap has the gift of being able to read the energy system of a person, a place or a thing. He can give understanding about what is going on, and why, and he offers means for change.

Jeanne Michaels

Jeanne Michaels received a M.A. in Buddhist and Western Psychology in 1978. She is a graduate of Dolphin Healing Hearts School and is a certified Dolphin Energy Practitioner. Her background has had a holistic, spiritual approach since early childhood. She has explored and learned numerous alternative healing methods, some of which she loves to teach others so they can take more personal self-responsibility for their healing and transformation. Jeanne channels energies of the dolphins, the Archangels and other Light Beings as her main healing modality. She also works extensively with crystals and crystal skulls.. She loves working with the energetics of water and how to use them for healing and transformation.

Jeanne is a non denominational ordained minister.

Description of Workshops

Crystal Skulls and Human Evolution

Crystal skulls fulfill two main functions. They assist us in expanding our consciousness both as individuals and as the collective human consciousness. They help each individual to understand him or herself, which facilitates healing and transformation. In this workshop we will explore these two functions.

How Crystal Skulls Support us in the Creation of our Reality

One aspect of crystal skulls is that they are reflectors. They reflect back to us aspects of ourselves as if we are looking in the mirror. In this workshop we will explore ways to look at ourselves and how we can use that to create the reality we long for.

Crystal Skulls and Atlantis

This workshop explores Atlantis and its qualities and how Crystal Skulls can help us to use the Atlantean energies in a way that they support personal growth and development.

Crystal Skulls and Earth Energies

The evening prior to the excursion there will be an introduction to Earth energies. The introduction will include how people can interact with these energies and what role crystals skulls can play. During the excursion we will experience what has been discussed.

Crystal Skull Activation

Learn how to activate and tune into the many layers of consciousness within crystal skulls. This process will better enable one to journey more deeply into inner realms of existence and communication with crystal skulls.

Crystal Skulls and Ancestral Spirits

This workshop and ceremony will involve the ancient tradition of storytelling that links us to our ancestral spirits. Crystal skulls are all a part of these ancient stories.