Tao Chi, Petrified Wood Mongolian Skull

Tao Chi, Petrified Wood Mongolian Crystal Skull

I would like to introduce you to Tao Chi or just Chi for short. Tao Chi is here to bring healing on many levels for all who wish to connect with him. He is an ancient, though timeless, Mongolian skull who I received from Dr. Frank Loo. Chi is unusual in that most Mongolian crystal skulls of this type/period are of Calcite and sometimes of Fossil Coral, but he is made of Petrified Wood.

My partner, Bart, also caretakes a Mongolian skull of Petrified Wood (Tzong La) and I know of one, possibly two others, but of no others.

They hold a particular energy frequency which is very rare and unique. He and the other Petrified Wood skulls have an energy that is like the great, great, great grandfathers and grandmothers of our earth. And while he is of earth, he is also of the stars.

The name, Tao Chi, means "the way of nature" or the spiritual path of all energy and Christ consciousness.

He is representative of this as a messenger between Heaven and Earth, and throughout and beyond time and space. For me, he also comes as the White Eagle; the Tree of Life; the Crown; the balance of Yin and Yang; and the mystery of birth, life, death, and resurrection. As the Tree of Life, he reaches out ethereally extending branches, roots, and seeds throughout Universal Consciousness. Fitting his name, Chi is the main crystal skull who I work with as an energetic connector. Although, I am able to feel and hear many skulls and work together with the healing team of skulls here and around the world, as a whole, Chi is often there when I want to hear from them all. He sometimes acts like a spokesman or ambassador for me in this way. He collects and transmits the information to me. I work with Tao Chi and with my partner, Bart and the crystal skull team here together in many ways. Some of these include : Oneness/Deeksha, Inca Shamanism, Healing, Channeling, Crystals, supporting high frequencies and holding space with a lot of consciousness and energy for the benefit of earth and star realms. The skulls all work together at many sacred sites around the world that I/we have taken them to over the years for healing, cleansing, and balancing energies and bringing peace, connecting sites, and raising positive flowing energy.

Meeting Tao Chi and My Journey with the Mongolian Crystal Skulls

To explain the pieces in time that synchronistically came together before Tao Chi arrived to me is a rather complex story or sequence pattern of events. Looking back now, I can see with the eagle's view to understand that there was a connecting factor over time, perhaps for a very very long time that lead him to me or me to him. This story weaves together my journey with the Mongolian skulls and important souls in my life.

In September 2009, I had organized a spiritual retreat to go to England for the Fall Equinox. The theme was Sacred Sites and their Language of Light. I included workshops and meditations on crystal skulls, orbs, dowsing, and ceremonies at the sacred sites. We went to Glastonbury Tor and Abbey, St. Michaels Leyline, Mary Magdalene chapel, the Holy Thorn tree, and of course, Stonehenge, Avebury, a crop circle, and Uffington Horse. We also ended up meeting with a Rinpoche who blessed our crystal skulls and included our work with his to help bring peace worldwide through meditations at Stonehenge. At that time, there was also a very special Mongolian Coral Fossil crystal skull who had never been seen in public before named Liana and caretaken by Debbie Jordan-Mills. I had only seen photos online of Liana and had developed a very deep connection already. Debbie introduced Liana at Stonehenge to us. Later that day, Debbie gave me an activation with Liana and we became as one travelling together through other realms. Pieces of our soul seemed to merge together in a very profound way. My hair seemed to growing out through the hollows of each coral piece. I was swimming in underwater temples and they became of light morphing quickly and through dimensions and times with sacred geometry. In the end, I was washed up onto shore as if I had just been born of the waves of sea foam and Liana was like a mother to me and a part of myself. This activation occurred on Uffington White Horse directly above a crop circle in the form of a series of leminscates. We then went to the crop circle and meditated for quite some time. It was so intense that I felt overwhelmed when I left. I had been uploaded and downloaded in that crop circle in a way I could not have imagined. Fortunately, someone had brought some healing Chalice Spring well water and I could not help but drink an entire bottle. This brought me back to earth, grounding and healing me so I could continue on Avebury with the group. In the photos, later we saw enormous blue, violet, and rainbow orbs and rays with Debbie, Liana, myself, and the crystal skulls. Everyone in the group had similar glowing energies as we further connected with the ancient stones and trees at Avebury. We also did a ceremony for the healing of the bees. Later that week, one of the workshop leaders of the retreat who lives in the area, told us that she saw an enormous mother ship ufo over the crop circle we had just been to!

To me, there was so much significance in this trip and what happened there which lead me to Tao Chi. I had been dreaming of Stonehenge and the surrounding sacred sites since I was a child, knowing already of many past life connections there. I knew that something would happen there to change my life and connect me to my past lives there as well as act a portal to other dimensions. So it was there, I was also activated by the energy of the land and stones and Liana, the Mongolian skull. I feel that the energy of Liana, Stonehenge, the crop circle, light orbs, and star beings, as well as the Tibetan Rinpoche combined to raise my frequency and download me with information and energy in preparation for further work with Mongolian skulls and to come together with Tao Chi.

Tao Chi, Petrified Wood Mongolian Crystal Skull

Within two months, I had already met the first Mongolian skull that I would be caretaking. Her name is Leonid Regulus and I detail her own story on a separate page here. Leonid is very important in the sequence and connection to Chi, and entire overview of events. She came to me through photos from Frank Lee whom Debbie had introduced me to. Her photos arrived on the anniversary of the retreat organization, ISE in November 2009. And I made a promise that if I were to caretake this ancient golden calcite skull, that her healing energies would be for everyone to connect to, not just myself. She revealed her name to me as Leonid Regulus -a star being coming from the Leo Constellation, star Regulus which is the Star of Bethlehem. She arrived physically to me on the Winters Solstice, December 21, 2009 somehow in perfect alignment with her energies of the coming of Christ, the Light, the Sun. She represents the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. And the day before, she arrived, I saw a Bald Eagle. I knew that the eagle was an amazing and blessed sign because they are seldom seen in the area I lived. I had only seen one or two before in the previous 9 years. So, I gratefully realized the eagle energy was there to usher and welcome her to me and that the date was extremely special and in alignment as well. However, what I didn't realize yet was that the eagle was her partner, Chi, coming ahead of time in the etheric to be together in union with her and myself. At that time, I was not totally aware of his presence, but it was awakening slowly in my consciousness, somehow in the back of my mind.

As 2010 dawned and moved forward, more significant and poignant events occurred to lead me to Chi, as well as the expansion of my spiritual mission on earth and the union with my soulmate. Early that year, there was also the passing of a great crystal skull guardian and shaman and this also had a key part in these series of events. On the day after his passing, I had received an antique Tibetan shamanic drum. It was at this time, the shaman who had passed began to insistently contact me in spirit. I had never felt such a contact in my life before and was extremely hesitant to acknowledge it or speak of it. But he was extremely persistent so that I had to tell one person that he had left, what had happened to him and that he was okay and was sending love and support. He gave me the name and messages to give to his dear friend. And then it was if he had activated me through the skulls, the drum, and his energy from the other side, as well as the energy of hawks. I began to hear him often and see him sometime even physically manipulate objects and timelines to get his presence and messages across. He didn't only contact me, but a selected others too. There was a group of us who came together to share about the experiences and to connect to each other as a soul family of which he is also a part of. The connection and importance of this continues to this day in many profound ways relating to how we may together help this planet and each other and the energies, talents, and group consciousness that we have and share.

The shaman then lead me to gathering many sacred objects particularly from Peru, Egypt, and North America. These sacred items practically fell in my lap as a gift with signs pointing the way from the energy of the shaman and the Hawk. Through these energetic healing tools as well as a Mongolian crystal skull group, I met my soulmate. Inspired by Leonid Regulus, my calcite skull, I had formed the Mongolian skull group to bring caretakers together to share their experiences, insights and photos. Shortly thereafter, a man from the Netherlands, named Bart, joined the group and began to share there too. We began to talk online and share on the forums. We also met online with other group members to play music through Skype-(inspired by the healing shamanic energy of my Tibetan drum (and the shaman working through the drum!) I heard Bart's voice for the first time and his beautiful flute playing and he seemed so attractively familiar. We were very drawn to connect as friends, talking about crystal skulls, Mongolians, sacred tools, as well as his project to help Gaia through the trees and crystals. Then, one day he showed me a skull he had shown no one else up to that time. It was a Mongolian Petrified Wood Crystal Skull, he called Tzong La. I was immediately drawn to Tzong La and I felt as if on some level, he was a part of me, but I didn't understand why. I suddenly realized that there was another one and that was to be with me. No one had told me of the existence of any, but somehow I knew. Soon after, I contacted Frank Loo and told him that I believed there was another one and could he confirm this. He replied, "Yes!" So, the shaman and Leonid lead me to Bart and to Tzong La, who lead me to Chi! The connection with Tzong La also helped to prepare me to be with Chi energetically and it was he who on an inner level made me wake up to realize that Chi existed. Once, I consciously knew this, I realized I had really always known it and had been searching for a long time. I had also forgotten a search I had to find the right petrified wood skull, which had always lead me unsatisfied. I am extremely connected to nature and the trees and past druidic lives, as well as shamanic and Buddhist ones and this made me drawn constantly to reconnect with and find a skull of this type. What I did not realize was that Chi would be a many layered manifestation of these energies come together for me. And that Bart and I would later be together, along with Tzong La also sharing so many of these common feelings for past lives and nature.

Tao Chi, Petrified Wood Mongolian Crystal Skull

It was in February 2010, that I first received the photo of the Mongolian Petrified Wood skull, without a name at this point. Frank told me that he already knew this unique and amazing skull was to be with me and I knew it too. The moment that I laid eyes on Tao Chi (what I came to know him by) I began to experience some kind of activation or initiation. A very large White Eagle or Thunderbird forcefully flew towards my head and landed with talons on my crown. It wasn't painful, but it was powerful and the eagle stayed there. He began to speak to me and sing. I knew he was already with me, even through the photos alone. However, the process of manifesting him to me physically took some time with a slight delay, or so it seemed. His arrival and process of energetic integration with me was, of course, all in Divine Timing. Frank felt that this skull held the energy of the Shroud of Turin/ Christ Consciousness. He told me he had really never felt any other one like this in the 30 years he had been working with ancient skulls and sacred items. I began to feel this too as I realized that the White Eagle and the other symbols that came through him were all related to Universal Christ Consciousness, so eventually the Shroud vision he had made sense to me also. It was thus in synchronicity that the this extra-ordinary skull did arrive to me at the time of Easter (Resurrection, Ascension, New Life in Spring)! And the exact date he arrived was actually the debut of a never-before-seen documentary on the Shroud of Turin! Finally, we were reunited and together-me, Leonid Regulus and her divine partner in masculine Christ Consciousness. Leonid coming as light coming down into earth and Chi coming as light which ascends earth- birth, death, rebirth and beyond.

I also knew that Chi was to journey on with me very soon to Greece and to Colorado for some particularly significant events. So he really needed to be with me soon, even though it took a lot to get him to me. I had the inner knowing that this skull in partnership with Leonid should go to Delphi, Greece where I was to be having a Reiki Workshop and Sacred Site Retreat. He would go there to heal and balance the energies along with Leonid at the Oracle of Delphi Spring and Temple of Athena, in particular. We were led to some private and secret areas where the Oracle Springs sit between 2 mountains, by a young man who suddenly appeared revealing his name as Angel! This was also during the time of riots in Athens and the volcanoes in Iceland. I feel we helped the area and people in ways that we could do. We also could bring these healing energies to the next very important journey to Colorado.

Chi, Leonid, Lightworker (a clear quartz skull of Oneness and rainbow light) and me would also be present with many other Mongolian skulls ,other skulls and caretakers in Colorado Springs. I had organized an event called: Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors: All Keepers of the Earth in conjunction with a memorial that I worked with Allayah, Linda Frisch to honor the shaman who had revealed himself to me as a guide and friend after he had passed. This was triggered by the initial and evolved contact from the shaman since January of that year. We honored him with his family, friends, skulls at a place he held very sacred in the Garden of the Gods. The shaman's name was Gary Moonhawk Butler. The energy of all the Mongolians together was immense as was the honor to Gary and all the Rainbow Warriors who gathered there together. He made his presence known in several ways throughout the memorial to all of us there. During that week, we also worked with the sacred healing Manitou Springs of the area and held ceremony with a drum circle and skulls on Wesak, the celebration of Buddha's birth and death and Enlightenment.

Mongolian Crystal Skulls

Weaving the events of that time together with the arrival of Chi in my life, shows a series of threads and patterns. I was steadily being energized and initiated through the Mongolian skulls and shamanic energies, along with the energies of the starbeings and sacred sites.Image I was journeying around the world to help as I could to bring the skulls to the sacred sites in divine partnership to balance masculine and feminine energies, heal layers of time, and bring light and love. In sequence this brought me from Liana, the Coral Fossil Mongolian Skull Mother who initiated me to the star beings in the crop circle who continued to prepare me along with the ancient stone sites and waters of my past lives. Then Leonid came to me as the Divine Feminine Aspect of Universal Christ Consciousness during the time of the birth of light, Winter Solstice and the evolution of my spiritual retreat organization to help the world. After which, I was further prepared by connection and interaction with the shaman, Gary through his passing and my meeting of many of my soul group, including my soul mate Bart. We grew together shortly after the time of the Colorado event in June through further extra-ordinary synchronicities and remembrances of past lives together. And before the year had passed, we would be living together in Holland. I moved from America and changed my whole life to be there with my love, Bart. Together, along with the help our six Mongolian crystal skulls and other amazing skull team, we keep growing and are inspired to help the world and raise consciousness in harmony, and in union as Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We also come together with many friends from our soul groups online and person. We have continued to meet our soul friends from around the world and the ones who gathered that week in Colorado. Allayah, Shirley, Zane, Kim and I were there in Colorado together with Monica, MaryLee and Joe, Sharon, Jeanie, Gary's family and friends and so many others who do continue the spiritual work around the world and with the Mongolian and other crystal skulls. There are really too many people to name, but at that time I met and connected with many of my soul family involved with crystal skulls and still do. The energy lines of our souls, the Mongolian crystal skulls, the crystal skull consciousness and star energies all converged and wove a beautiful tapestry still being created today.

How I Learned Tao Chi's Name and His Energetic Signature

As I described above, Chi came to me first as a White Eagle flying to sit on my Crown Chakra and head. I continued to meditate with him and he showed and told me many things about himself in layers. Yes, he is Ancient, back into the dawn of primordial time... he is the tree of life- the kether (crown/skull) on the tree of life- the bodhi tree of enlightenment- the druid oak, the chinese peach tree of immortality, the axis mundi, the ceiba of the mayan milky way, the apple tree in the garden. As a tree, he is a manifestation of time and beyond time, of god and who we are. There really is not one culture about this and so I struggled for this name to call him. He spoke of eagles, christ, messengers (Malachi, Mala (Magdalene) and Chi. Chi means life-force energy and in Greek also means Christ. There is the balance there... of Heaven and Earth, male/ female, yin/yang, life/death and also the space in-between that.)

In the dna record of the rings of this tree most ancient, the spiralling of time lies the akash- akashic record. Therefore he is one to connect with all that is, may be, or has been. In meditation, one may lie down below his branches and climb or slide to the roots in journey.

The name has been a process to understand, but helpful to me also to know more. He also said Aquila, Arvid... Malachi.. Bodhi.. Akash.. Aquila- is latin or spanish for eagle. Also heard this in a dream and saw the large thunderbird flying over. Malachi- on one level is messenger of god but mala is also name for Magdalene and Chi name or Greek letter for Christ and malas are the Buddhist prayer tools often made from the bodhi tree of enlightenment. He showed me however that his name should be Tao Chi (Way of Nature). He spoke to me over a time period even before he was with me in person and revealed layers of himself, just like tree rings.

Before he physically here, we connected in spirit. He gave me gold. He is white, but he gives me gold-- gold script light language. When he did arrive physically, the bond was strengthened to an immediate and intense degree. I realize why I had to slowly integrate his energies over a distance before meeting in person to connect in further ways. As I held him, the White Eagle returned and landed on my right shoulder. The White Eagle whispered in my right ear so that gold light script floated into my head. It was a written language of gold, thin curly sorts of symbols like I had never seen before. And somehow connected is a gold ring that he kept giving me. Chi, I knew immediately was an ally, strength, protector and messenger for me.

Tao Chi – the Artist, Monk, and Poet in History

Tao Chi – the Artist, Monk, and Poet in History

When Tao Chi the skull gave me his name, within a few days I synchronously found out that there was a man, a monk, named Tao Chi. I randomly opened a book to a page about him! Tao Chi was also an artist and a poet. He did not go by the rules of art in his time. He just wanted to express nature and the mountains and trees as he felt it straight from spirit. He was a rebel in a way. I could very much relate to the man. Later he went from being a Buddhist monk to converting to Taoism. I also realized that I had seen a vision of this man before. He was shaved bald, a thin, young man. There is some connection with this man and Tao Chi the skull and to me. We had so much in common, such as the love for nature, healing, art and poetry.

Chi would end up sending me song lyrics and poems, right from the start. He gave me "Stairway to Heaven" as a symbol of himself and with many layers to the lyrics, as well as promises to be. I have written these on a separate page on this website called Chi- Poems. He initiated my ability to continue hearing the songs of other skulls more easily as well.

How Did Chi Feel the First Day He Arrived?

Here are some notes I made at the time:

April 12, 2010

-My ears are ringing so much its hard to take. I will have to outside soon.

I had him by himself for a bit, but Leonid and He insisted that they should sit together:) Reunion. These Mongolians really love each other! (I found out later how that is true in particular with Mongolian skulls)

I feel Chi, as he has arrived now, as both male and female. Makes a lot of sense to me this balance. My ears are ringing the enery is so high here and had some head pangs, but mostly just a very holy time.

April 13, 2010

Have been with Chi for a day now, so will briefly describe how its been so far. Juanita noted somewhere that it feels like he has always been here. I feel that too. He fits in perfectly and Leonid and the other skulls love him. My dogs do too! At first the energy was so high, I was a little physically overwhelmed, but have now adjusted to this. I think that he and Leonid go together, as meant to be, and surprisingly in a kind of manifested love relationship, but its about balance. Very emotional and touching and sweet, even as they stand on their own well, too.

As I hold Chi, I feel the energy in my whole body and it increases- grounding, but uplifting-- like a tree. I felt little pangs in my body like parts unblocking. A feeling all over my crown. And my hands- my hands are like fire, hot, hot, hot. I believe to hold him will increase reiki flow and healing. Put him on my feet chakras too.

He transforms and is about this too-- from wood to crystal, through layers of time and tide and natures process. He is about patience and journeying and flying high. As I look at him, I get a little startled when I look away and then back again. His energy is extra present, like he is moving. Observing. Very activated already. Its hard for me to explain. Tremendous love and light.

Many dreams. Dreams of love and affection. . Also feel he was in a temple... historically speaking. Another impression is that there is a connection with him and druids. I am not surprised at all.

Song lyrics coming through (Sacred Synchronicities) This song was part of the experience in morning meditation with Chi.

Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepplin

There's a lady who's sure
All that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven

When she gets there she knows
If the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have
Two meanings

In a tree by the brook
There's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are

Ooh, it makes me wonder Ooh, it makes me wonder
There's a feeling I get
When I look to the west
And my spirit is crying
For leaving

In my thoughts I have seen
Rings of smoke through the trees
And the voices of those
Who stand looking
Ooh, it makes me wonder
Ooh, it really makes me wonder

And it's whispered that soon
If we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason

And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
And the forests will
Echo with laughter
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ooh, whoa, oh

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow
Don't be alarmed now
It's just a spring clean
For the May queen

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change
The road you're on
And it makes me wonder

Your head is humming and it won't go
In case you don't know
The piper's calling you to join him

Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow?
And did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold

And if you listen very hard
The truth will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll
And she's buying a stairway

To heaven...

Interpretations/Reactions to this message:

The line "words having 2 meanings" reminds me of the way Chi speaks to me. He give his name for instance as Chi (Christ) and Chi(life force energy). This is because he is not representing one religion, but is universal. He is also like a "stairway to Heaven" in that he represents Ascension and communication between worlds in layers or steps. The song states, ‘ the truth will come to you at last, when we are all one and one is all" is about his message and the message of the crystal skulls and Christ Consciousness in general.

Mongolian Crystal Skulls Gathering

He showed me white and gave me gold in a vision when he first came to me. And this echoes in the lines, "who shines white light and wants to show how everything still turns to gold." These colors are about purity, light, and transformation in the times we live in. The lyrics, "dear lady can you hear the wind blow and did you know, your stairway lies on the whispering wind" feels to me as if Chi was telling me that my channelings and connection to the Divine are subtle and to pay attention to them and the signs of nature around. He was showing me how my channeling would increase and that my insights would be blossoming over time. And this has since happened.

There was even a message about my soulmate, Bart in this song though I didn't completely know it until a few months later. It was here in these lyrics, "Your head is humming and it won't go in case you don't know, the pipers calling you to join him." Bart is a musician and plays the flute and soon he was going to ask me to join him, which I did!

The song talks of tree rings, 2 roads, leaving, choices. Chi is of course petrified wood and his tree rings are how he speaks, in layers stacked. And he was also explaining to me about the choices of my life at the time and how I had to leave the place and life I had been living. He was pointing me to my "stairway to heaven" and my piper across the sea.

Healing Properties and Feelings by Other Channels

Others who have connected with him saw and felt amazing energies too when I shared him online to friends so they could meditate with him. Here is what Judith said about some of her experiences: "Transmutation. In meditation with Chi, I saw the violet flame, then it turned into a white blue light. Violet flame is transmutation. It came out of the violet flame. It was all around, not in any pattern I noticed. Reading about the heat of flames.. white and blue heat are hotter than violet, so some form of shift to something brighter?

It would seem that the White Blue Light is the energy beyond the Violet Flame, like a higher stage of Transmutation. Hey folks, you read it here first!!! Seriously though, it would seem to be a natural progression of energy work. Tao Chi evokes very strong emotions, I think he will clear and then heal... I now see a second angel above the sitting one, on his temple, left side as you look; this upper one has wings outstretched. I think that Tao Chi will speak to many in this way, each with different, but personal messages in his words. It is the perennial theme, death and rebirth, the story of Jesus, and echoed through the eons in the history of the world; whether Pagan or Christian or whatever, and wherever, I believe the mysteries of the soul are slowly being unraveled, at various speeds, as our knowledge widens and the messages come through for us, to take us forward into the future. "

Shirley wrote in relation to the sacred numbers that came up during Chi's arrival. "You were talking about the number 7 which came up all week I felt in relation to this. And you spoke of 3 being important. I think that 3 means yin/yang and what in the middle or trinity/spirit. 4 is physical and the 4 directions. Spirit and Matter." Tao Chi arrived 4/12/2010-4 (3) and (3) I agreed about the 7 and could see the relationship to his name and energy. According to Taoist philosophy, in the beginning there was the Tao and from the Tao came yin and yang - so this would represent the Trinity aspect of Creation and the four directions are also the four elements of creation. Seen as a symbol this would be triangle and square - spirit and matter. I had been shown a vision of Hand shapes or Mudras that morning. Some hand movements.. in those shapes. First like a Namaste or triangle. Then open forehead. then triangle over forehead. open hands. rising lotus from this with hand coming out of middle with cup/chalice. inside to drink this- was Chi or Ki of immortality, nectar or sap/amber heart.

Here is a response to Chi from Juanita: "There is a profound sense of love and awe that fills me. I feel something about how this is a form of 'reunion' between Leonid and Chi and that Chi teaches about 'sacred love' - how unconditional love endures and grows, through time and space. How love is eternal and how it touches us all. I feel almost as if he is showing how the energy of love is what transforms us and connects us to everything." A veiled mystery.. yes.. veiled one also refers to the Shroud of Turin it's also about lifting veils. I think also veils of time stacked."