Instruments of the Soul: My Journey with Crystal Skulls and Sound

Instruments of the Soul: My Journey with Crystal Skulls and Sound

In this article I will share with you how crystal skulls changed my life and how I integrated them into every aspect of my life and energy work. I will explain how I met my first crystal skull; how some very special skulls found their way to me; and some examples of ways I work together with the crystal skulls in combination with sacred sounds.

I will end with my personal view of the year 2012.

My First Experience with Crystal Skulls

It was a cold, wet and windy Spring day and I was returning home from a lawsuit I had to attend for my work. This one was in The Hague and I had taken the train to get there. The train ride that I took to get back home should normally last about 2 hours but today, due to the weather, there was a long delay. Here I was in the middle of Holland's flat and windy

countryside while the sun was setting, with a beautifully colored sky that was covered with rainclouds hovering over the landscape. My mind went off in other directions as I was staring out of the window, into the shimmering landscape that lay behind it. I had been having a vision of a woman that I was supposed to meet up with for some unknown reason. The vision was persistent but I did not know who she was or what meaning this could have for my life. But I did hear a name in my vision and it was Eva. As my mind pondered this, I saw a buzzard flying in the distance and connected with it. I asked that if the buzzard came to tell me something, to give me a sign. The buzzard flew by me and I saw it flying off in the distance parallel to the train. But just after the buzzard was out of sight, it returned towards my direction and when we met at my eye's height, the buzzard made three circles and flew up into the sky. "Thank you", I mentally said to the buzzard and went into meditation the rest of the way home. When I finally arrived at home later that evening, I decided to see if I can could find the woman in my vision through Google search. Since the buzzard gave me the number three in the times it circled around before flying up to the sky, I decided to use exactly three words. Miraculously, I found the information I needed to get in touch with the lady in my vision and so I did. Eva and I met a few weeks later at her home, close to a beautiful nature park. After we had some tea, we went out for a walk, but before we left, she showed me her crystal skulls. Eva was very enthusiastic about them and let me know that there was actually one in particular she wanted me to see. This skull let her know that he wanted to meet me and had been looking forward to this for some time.

I loved crystals already for a long time and had a collection of them. I also worked with their healing properties. However, I did not know the first thing about crystal skulls. I politely listened to what she had to say about them, although it all seemed a bit farfetched for me at the time. How could a crystal skull be something more than just a piece of art, carved out of a crystal or gemstone?

When we returned back to her place, she asked me about how the skull felt. I had put it in my pocket when we left and had my hand on it periodically. I must say it felt rather pleasant and was very warm. I also felt very calm, relaxed and focused. But hey, we just went for an amazing walk in nature, why wouldn't I feel great?! Eva explained to me that this was because the skull was ‘working' with me. "Yeah, right," I said. "It is only because I held it in my hand and the heat of my hands warmed it up." Patiently, Eva told me to set the skull on the table next to me and feel it again in a few minutes. Amazingly, it felt almost as warm after about five minutes. Since my interest in these carvings was minimal, I did not pay much attention to them after that, as the visit went on.

From the moment I left Eva's home, I felt like one would while suffering from love sickness. It became worse as I came closer to home. I knew it had nothing to do with Eva, as our contact was only of a spiritual nature, so there was something else that made me feel this way. I was clueless as to what made me feel as I did.

The following two nights I had vivid dreams in which the crystal skull that I had with me on the walk appeared, over and over again. I am used to having all kinds of special dreams, but these were different. I knew there was something going on here that I did not quite understand and that I felt was important. These dreams impacted me so much that on the third day I contacted Eva and asked her if she would send me some pictures of this particular skull. I received a message back from her that she had taken many pictures of this crystal skull in her garden. It was really amazing to see these photos and to immediately feel the skull's connection to me. I had no understanding of what was going on but I knew from that moment that the skull and I needed to be together. Since Eva also sold crystal skulls, I asked if I could adopt this beauty. She send him over to me in the mail and that is how I became the caretaker of my first crystal skull. Little did I know how dramatically my life would change with the help of these beautiful crystalline beings!

Mongolian Crystal Skulls

Almost immediately all kinds of new and wonderful people started to cross my path. I connected really well with most of them and it felt as if old acquaintances were being re-introduced into my life. There was a deep knowing and feeling that I already knew these people somehow. And I probably did, in previous lives. As I let myself be guided all over the place, my spiritual development was increased tremendously because of it. I found out about a strong connection I have with White Buffalo Calf Woman from the Plains Indians. She is known to them to be a Mother (Creator) Goddess. The couple that I was visiting knew a lady who also has a strong connection to this Goddess and introduced me to her.

This visit led me to Kirsten Hilling and we did a distant meditation session together. Sometime after that, she introduced me to a very different looking crystal skull and asked me what I felt from it. Immediately, there was a very strong connection. I did not have much time to connect with it very long as I was busy and on my way to meet some people. However, every time I thought of the skull after I left, I felt a great amount of energy going through my body. It was very strong and I was pleasantly surprised that this was possible. When I contacted Kirsten the next day she let me know that this skull connected with her in a vision and let her know it was connected to a global tree project that I was working on with crystalline energies. The skull itself was a very old Mongolian crystal skull. I had never heard of them before but I loved the energies and felt an amazing connection that I never felt before. It was wonderful how events were synchronizing with what was going on in my life at the time and in a time span of six months I became the caretaker of four Mongolian crystal skulls.

The Mongolians crystal skulls have their own unique appearance, carving style, and are commonly distinguished by their very large eyes. They are usually made of calcite, though there are a few that are made of fossilized coral and petrified wood. They are all considered to be very old skulls and as with all ancient skulls, not much is known about their actual background and origin. There are several theories around these skulls and how they came to be. A few years ago several Mongolian caretakers and I started to share our insights and information that came through in dreams, visions, meditations, synchronicities and so on. We wanted to compare notes and see how experiences compared. It turned out that we all received many similar insights but also specific information that helped to get a better understanding of the Mongolian crystal skulls and what is going on with them.

Once the Mongolians were in my life and we started to work and be together, I discovered that I worked with some of these skulls in previous lives. Solomon is the name of largest of the four Mongolian crystal skulls I caretake and he is carved from golden calcite. I was his caretaker in a previous life when I was traveling together with a Mongolian shaman. If I was the student of this shaman or a companion who was only responsible for the safety of the crystal skull, I do not know. What I do know, is that in that particular life it was my responsibility to take care of Solomon and make sure he was treated properly and travelled with the shaman. The consciousness of this particular shaman is still connected to Solomon.

In another lifetime, I also worked with Solomon. But in that life, I was a priest who worked energetically with him and other people in sacred temples. I was the one who removed some of Solomon's teeth.

It is rather mysterious that some Mongolian skulls lack some of their teeth while other Mongolians still have all their teeth. The subject of why some have them and some do not is up for debate and could envelop an entire article on its own. Probably no one has the exact right answer, as many great theories exist. Quite possibly, as with everything, there are just as many truths out there, as there are skulls. However it remains a fact that all the Mongolians I caretake, are missing several teeth. The fact that they miss some teeth, though, actually has some personal relevance as to why they are with me again in this life.

One of the confirmations I received about the personal connection I have with the Mongolian skulls and their missing teeth occurred upon a beautiful summer's afternoon. I had met with a friend named Marion who wanted to meditate with the Mongolian skulls I had with me on that day. We had a wonderful time conversing and at some point Marion asked me something she could not place her finger upon and was puzzled about. The skulls told her that I should have problems with my teeth. "… but it appears to be not so…" she said to me, as my teeth look just fine. I laughed and told her that this is how it looks today. It actually took me 28 years and several braces and dental fixes to have it look like this. So yes, I indeed was plagued this life with dental problems from the age of seven! Farfetched or very coinci-dental, this to me is a major synchronicity. This particular friend did not know about my dental history, and nor did the skulls, or so I thought. This of course can be overanalyzed from many perspectives.

For myself, this shows that the skulls are much more aware then I am. It was another confirmation as to how special these crystal skulls really are. They still knew (know) me, or who I was in a previous lifetime. And they are the ones that found their way to me in this life, as they must have known I would not even go and look for them. So, in my opinion, they made sure that they would not enter in this life, unless I would be ready and aware enough for them to be with me. The timing of everything was nothing less than divine. If they would have announced themselves even 2 months earlier, I would have never considered becoming a caretaker of these skulls. And the fact, that the skulls carving mirrored in some ways the condition of my teeth, was a further confirmation to me that they let me know I was the right caretaker for them at this time.

Later that year, I attended a series of Inca shamanism initiations and went through some very intense processes. On one of the initiation weekends, I decided to connect with the Mongolian skulls and asked them if they would help and guide me to go through these processes. The help I received from them was phenomenal. I experienced many great insights into myself and I remembered who I was in some important past lives. I died a shaman's death that weekend and felt great afterwards.

During that particular weekend, I left the Mongolian skulls with a dear friend of mine. She is also a caretaker of Mongolian skulls and I let the skulls be with her so she could care for them while I was away. On my way back home I paid her a visit and she told me not to freak out when I saw one of the Mongolians. When we arrived at her meditation room, where she had set up a large circle of crystal skulls, I saw that my Mongolian skull called Rainbow Warrior had changed his color completely! He used to be the darkest Mongolian skull (dark orange calcite) that was with me. But something happened since I last saw him. Now he was almost white. I was really amazed by the drastic transformation in color and energies, but did not yet understand how or why. We started to retrace all that elapsed in both our weekends and realized that around the time that I asked the Mongolians for help, they called my friend into the meditation room. They specifically asked her to start working with them energetically but my friend was reluctant to do so, out of respect for me and the skulls. But they kept insisting and they let her know that it was all right for her to work with them at the moment as they really wanted her to. She worked with the Mongolians for some time and soon after she finished, Rainbow Warrior started to change his color. At first she thought it was the light outside the window that had changed somehow. But within twenty-four hours Rainbow Warrior completely changed his look and felt much lighter and clearer in energy.

For me, each Mongolian skull I caretake represents and connects with one of the Four Sacred Wind Directions. Rainbow Warrior is connected to the Winds of the West and during the Inca weekend I was on, I was working with the energies of the Western Winds. It was a weekend that also had a theme of transformation and insights of previous lives connected to it. It was amazing to literally see how the skulls worked with me and how distance is no problem for them as they travel multi-dimensionally whenever and wherever they want to go.

That particular Inca training weekend gave me insights into several previous lives. Amongst them was one special lifetime that I spend as a druid and I was shown the woman I shared that life with. It was someone I had recently met online in this life and we had already made contact with each other in the past few months through a crystal skull site. Gina and I became friends on the site and shared many insights with each other, as well as other like-minded friends. It was beautiful to realize that, although we lived half a world away, we somehow managed to reconnect in this life. Both Gina and I each caretake a very rare type of Mongolian crystal skull made of petrified wood (Tzong La and Tao Chi). We became caretakers about the same time and felt very drawn to them for some specific reasons. We liked to talk about them and connect them. We also began over time to connect with each other on a more personal level. So at some point, a few months later we Skyped to share some insights we had. Things progressed very quickly and after about one week we decided to meet in real life. Two months later, she visited me in Holland and we decided to spend our life together. Half a year later, Gina moved to Holland from America and we started to live together with a large family of crystals and crystal skulls. In our case the crystal skulls literally have brought romance and a deep love into our lives.

Gina and I both caretake six Mongolian crystal skulls in total and tend to take them everywhere we go. If we are unable to bring them all, we always at least bring along one or two of them. We both feel it is our responsibility to take them where they want or need to go physically. As the skulls themselves cannot walk, they came to us to be their legs when need be and bring them to places and people to be able to work with them. This way they can connect deeply with the local energies, the land and the power places they visit. We all work together as a team in doing what needs to be done. And it is often enough just to be somewhere and take our time to connect with nature, attune to the Mongolians and other energies we work with and just "be" for a while.

Also through dreams, the crystal skulls travel with us. I realized this several times since I first became a caretaker and so did Gina. The skulls appeared in particular dreams in which we worked together or they are with me to help and guide me. I have also awakened from sleep to see all four Mongolian skulls hovering ethereally above me. They were doing something in relation to a dream I just had, while I was returning back into my body after I woke up. They are powerful guides, protectors, healers and work with us anytime of the day and from any place they are physically located. Crystal skulls have the ability to work far beyond the confines of time and space.

Crystal Skulls, Sacred Sounds and Energies

I had been working with sound, healing energies and crystals for some time when the first crystal skull entered my life. But soon after his arrival things noticeably changed. I became more focused and centered from within with a clearer understanding of the path I needed to walk. There were so many pointers and coincidences in my life, that it soon became obvious that I should start to pay notice to these subtle signs that were all around me. Slowly I began to let go of my old patterns and structures and started to open up my heart, feeling and intuition more because of it. I let myself be led more by my heart which has brought some wonderful new people into my life. Opportunities arose that helped me to grow and develop myself in even more fantastic ways. I started learning ever more about myself and my natural talents with sound and energy. The next few years I also obtained a lot of valuable esoteric knowledge and new ways of working with different energies and sound. I know for sure that if I had based most of my decisions on the information of my mind (and surroundings), I would not be where I am today. It all came down to trust.

Crystal skulls can and definitely will help you with your development, if you let them. They do not enter your life without reason. Crystal skulls can help you peel off layers of yourself so you get increasingly become closer to your true inner or Higher Self. At the same time, you peel off layers within the skull, you begin to access deeper layers and strengthen your bond with your skull. Sometimes you can be guided to do something or go somewhere that seems mentally illogical to you, but once everything has been played out, it always makes sense. It does require you to trust your (Higher) self, your heart, when ‘it speaks' to you and you let yourself be guided. I have been guided to places, to meet people, learn something, just "be" somewhere and energetically work the land or even purchase a specific item that I should be using.

There was one particular Native American ceremony I attended a few years ago. I had a vision in which a dolphin appeared to me. One of the things this dolphin told me was to start playing Native American flutes. I never played this type of instrument before and so I initially hesitated in order to let the thought sink in for a few weeks. During those weeks, many synchronicities occurred and I eventually purchased a flute, even though everyone around me declared me crazy. Three days later, much to my surprise, I discovered I could play it as if I had been playing for years! I was told that I should trust myself to be guided in the matter and to listen to my heart. Of course my mind and ego also told me I was crazy to just buy an instrument and start playing. It therefore took me a few weeks to make the actual decision, but once I did so, I never looked back or regretted it. Almost magically, a natural talent emerged that has enabled me to work with sounds and energies in ways I never thought possible. Over time, I remembered that I had been a flute player in a previous life and by following my heart, this was naturally ‘unlocked', again, in this life… against all logic. A few months after that, I was invited to assist a team of wonderful people who work with Grandma Chandra (an omni-dimensional channel living in a severely "disabled" body) in Holland while she was giving various energetic whale and dolphin activations here. I was asked to play the flute during the activations.

I know by now that I have several connections to guides and healing energies that help assist in healings, raising of frequencies and manifestation of energies when I play the flute and other instruments. Crystals and crystal skulls also help me attune to and ground specific energies they bring in a given setting. Using specific instruments helps in raising of the energies when used in combination with crystals and crystal skulls, as many probably know. Another nice thing about crystal skulls is their diversity in energy work of any kind. They have proven to be helpful in attuning to all kind of specific energies. These can be universal, cosmic, Angelic, Ascended Masters, stars, constellations, extra-terrestrial, intra terrestrial, planets, trees, plants, animals, water, mountains, the list goes on. It is even possible that crystal skulls teach you on the spot, as happened to me. I find that the intensity of the experience is almost always enhanced exponentially with the combination of crystal skulls, energy work, and sound.

I have had many profound experiences with sacred sounds and crystal skulls over the course of time. Yet one exceptional example stands out for me. It occurred during the Lions Gate's star alignment, 2010. I spent the whole day focusing on sacred sounds, crystals, crystal skulls and energy work. I built a nice grid including my crystals and the skulls. I meditated, played drum, flutes, rattle, didgeridoo and singing bowls. It was a wonderful day. At some point in the night, I decided to watch a movie. I could not get myself to watch though, and instead felt drawn to playing the rattle. I had been working with the Mongolians intensely that day and they were somehow still busy I felt. So I quit watching and picked up the rattle again. After having played a minute or two, I spontaneously started to whistle something. It was a pretty strange tune and it was supposed to repeat itself I felt. So I went on and kept on whistling, till I felt an enormous amount of emotions coming up. There was a very strong loving energy connected to it that was now cleansing something from deep within me. I let it all happen with tears of joy pouring down my cheeks and kept on whistling throughout that week, till I was finally able to whistle continually while being completely focused and able to anchor these beautiful energies with the help of the Mongolian crystal skulls.

Late 2010, Gina and I organized, together with Marion, a friend of ours, a Mongolian Crystal skull gathering, including a presentation, meditation and a healing sound journey. It was called, "The Holomatrix: How Crystal Skulls Travel over Space and Time." In total, there were 14 Mongolian crystal skulls and about 40 participants, who all brought their most special crystal skulls with them. The Mongolian crystal skull caretakers included Rhian, Marion, Gina and myself. The energy that was brought together that day was phenomenal During, the healing sound journey that I performed, crystal skulls were being placed around the people at the exact places they would be helping the person in the best way, as well as to aid in the group energy. Marion placed the skulls, while I played singing bowls, gong, flute, drum and rattle. These are all sounds that activate crystals and skulls further. Singing bowls and gong are even stronger ‘activators' due to their sound and vibrational qualities. Essentially, the sound of a well-made and tuned singing bowl creates universally harmonic tones. The vibrations they create appear as mandalas. Since we are mostly made up of water, these healing vibrations are easily absorbed by the physical body. The same is true for crystal skulls. Crystal skulls resonate very well with the sounds and vibrations of singing bowls and gongs. They raise energy levels (of skulls, people and the environment) quite effectively as well as activate them to higher levels of consciousness. Several people experienced that a portal was opened during the time I played the gong. An inter-dimensional vortex or portal was opened from the center of the gong, spreading out into the middle of the room. Many crystal skulls ethereally appeared in this vortex and skulls from other dimensions joined them. Some of them traveled back and forth between dimensions. They were in the meantime working with all the people who were present in the room. It was a very intense and beautiful experience for everyone. Sacred sounds worked together with crystal skulls, divine energies and humans to create an energy field many of us had rarely experienced before. It was beautiful to see what is possible when we gather and work with different energies and sound.

In the summer of 2011, I was working with the four Mongolian crystal skulls I caretake. I set them up and played several instruments while working energetically on a specific grid alignment meditation I was guided to do to ground ethereal crystal skulls. I meditated for quite some time and asked the skulls to give me a clear sign that what was being worked on, was completed. It had been raining all afternoon. However as soon as I followed the inner feeling it was time to stop, it quit raining at that exact moment. After a few minutes I was guided to go to my front door. When I opened the door, there was a rainbow coming down out of the sky and it touched the ground, 30 meters away from where I was standing. What a blessing that was and what a great confirmation as well…the promise and presence of the Divine was made very apparent to me on that day, as well as the guidance of the crystal skulls.

2012, The Big Year: World Economics and the Effects on Spiritual Awareness

We humans tend to structure our lives. Depending on the person, this has become more or less compulsive behavior. This is all related to the society / reality we live in, in which we are spoon-fed certain beliefs that many still take as the absolute truth, because our modern altar (tv - media) tells us it to us. The information that comes from the global media is ‘sold' to the public in a very clever way. Subliminal messages of fear are being spread on a constant basis in our daily lives and most of humanity has become addicted to this useless information and even believes it to be true. This is because we hear it every single day and talk about the information that we are being fed all the time with everyone in our surroundings.

Many people also believe ‘news' affects their own lives and become fearful of others (xenophobia) due to media misinformation. The best example at this moment is the West vs. The Middle East. It is because the media tells us there is a conflict between these countries and ‘the others' are so-called terrorists. The word ‘terrorist' is a clever way of programming the masses with the sole purpose of instantly shifting ones (relatively) peaceful state of mind to a fearful state of mind. Those who have studied history on a marginal level know that throughout history, similar words were being used to achieve the same state of mind as the ‘terrorists' do in our society.

We are also constantly being kept distracted from any serious spiritual development because we are collectively in a financial debt. This requires us to generate money for our survival and we need to work long hours to obtain it. Our monetary system counts on us to stay in debt and creates it for us under our noses. There are even financial charts out there that claim that every single person on this planet has a certain amount of financial debt. So we are literally born with debt in our current system without ever having spent a dime. In 2012 and beyond many people may start feeling the urge to make more quality time for themselves and their spiritual development. I have already seen many people make a shift in awareness and life style. Hopefully there will be opportunities in the near future that will make it possible for all of humanity to quickly change our current system into one that is based on equality and with the respect for Mother Earth that she deserves.

Over the last several years we all live in a supposed "global crisis". Most people unfortunately believe we do, which makes them fearful. In other words, they become less able to make a decision based on what their hearts tell them. The heart informs each person about his/her true path, but the mind and ego prevent people from following it. Clinging on to a false sense of security prevents people from really moving forward. An example of this is when something ‘bad' happens at the workplace. When a colleague loses his/her job it is sad for them as they were dependent on that job to pay their debts. But at the same time many people wipe their foreheads and are actually grateful for the fact that they themselves ‘survived' this round and can move on with their lives for a while… until the next round of layoffs.

According to me, this is where we need to make a big change in ourselves. Everyone wants a better world, a world of abundance, peace, love, respect for all and everything. But somehow it has not affected their way of living at all. Fear keeps masses in place and fear is the magical ingredient that our governments utilize to keep us from reaching our true potential as spiritual beings. In my opinion the ones who are in crisis, are the ones who try and retain control and power over the people. They are losing their influence as more people are waking up and are able to see through the big illusion that is being fed to the masses. We are so caught up in the rat race that most people are afraid to change their current way of living and thinking to the way of the heart. There is fear because there also is a lack of trust due to fear.

There is much more to say and share about our current society. It is however very important to realize how our current world works, if we want to make a positive change. There is no need to get angry at governments and the people in control. They are also mostly just as caught up in the system and do not know any better than what they have been taught, or told, to do. So becoming mad at the world, will realize the opposite of what we are all trying to manifest in our hearts, a new and better world.

Our Divine essence does not know any emotions. It knows only love. Emotions are a projection of the mind onto our surroundings. They are programmed into our subconscious systems from childhood on and hence, become projections of the mind. No one is born with fear, jealousy, anger or greed. We are also generally taught that love is an emotion. Nothing is further from the truth as love is a state of being. And it is that state where we need to return to in the times that lay ahead of us. Love without conditions is the key ingredient to collectively reach our next evolutionary phase. Because of the energetic shifts that many expect in 2012, the need for more spiritual time to develop for humanity as a whole should be increased to enable us all to start living more from the heart.

There are many prophecies about 2012 and some of these involve the idea of a selection process, weeding through present day human beings. This selection process decides who ascends to other levels of existence such as heaven or higher dimensions, etc.. These tend to have an apocalyptic element to them which spreads more fear. A lot of people feel that there are changes in effect and they have been going on for many years. We have been in a process for a long time already, that seems to lead up to the time we currently perceive as our reality. The raising of the frequencies of the planet has by now been proven scientifically, just like the poles that have been shifting for quite some time and the solar activity that has greatly increased and will continue to do so. A great many things are happening at the moment and it is my firm belief that an unimaginable and positive shift will take place in the near future. This will enable humanity to venture into many new forms of existence and levels of awareness based on the frequencies of love.

In Christianity the second coming of Christ is predicted. Hence many are literally waiting for this special child to be born and lead humanity to the new world. However others believe that the second coming of Christ, will be the awakening of the Christ consciousness (or Buddha consciousness) within ourselves. Humans have the ability to anchor the higher frequencies of love within themselves, by a complete opening of their hearts. And when these frequencies are anchored within, the frequencies can be anchored into Mother Earth and literally spread love around the globe. When each person lives his or her life from a state of higher consciousness this automatically radiates through into their surroundings and lifts the vibrations of all life around them. Once this happens on a global level the entire planet can move into a higher dimensional state.

There are many great way to spiritually raise your frequencies by doing what you resonate best with in your heart. The fun part of it is that you get to decide for yourself how you want to do this. This can be through meditation, music, art, connecting with or in nature, crystals and of course crystal skulls. Spiritual growth can be accelerated by several means. Great teachers can aid in this process. Crystal skulls are great teachers and will absolutely speed up your personal progress immensely. The majority of crystal skull caretakers who I know verify that many dramatic life changes have occurred since they started to work with the skulls. All crystal skulls conduct and amplify love when we project this from our hearts. I consider them to be of great value in raising energies, frequencies, vibrations. Each and every skull has his or her own unique abilities and energy signature, just like humans. However the crystal skulls already work together in complete unity and are therefore great teachers to us. We still suffer from the ego that is trying to prevent our spiritual progress and unity. The crystal skulls help us in our journey and they guide us to the way of the heart when we let them. Whatever amount of energy is put into working with a crystal skull, one will receive back tenfold energetically.

People who have had the training to give Oneness blessings, could work with the Oneness energies and their crystal skulls. Just bless your skull and give it Deeksha as long as you want. One will notice a big difference in energy as the crystal skull starts to give the blessing and Divine energy to you in an amplified way. You are then both in direct connection with each other and the Divine energies of the Deeksha. It is a very powerful and easy way to work with crystal skulls that will help both you and your surroundings, including the relationship you have with that particular crystal skull.

Many experience the energetic shifts in these times intensely. It therefore very important to respect the fact that not everyone is on the same spiritual level, however everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be in their growth. We can help support each other with these transformational energies, through compassion and a better understanding. The crystal skulls help us in ways we cannot completely understand. It is not without reason that now in this time, so many people take care of one or more a crystal skulls. Crystal Skulls are here to help us make the shift into unity consciousness and higher vibrational states of being while aiding in the anchoring of the frequencies of love. They literally help and prepare us to herald in our next evolutionary phase… when we choose to take these steps.

Crystal Skulls a Journey of Experiences, Wisdom and the Divine

The above article is my contribution to the book: "Crystal Skulls a Journey of Experiences, Wisdom and the Divine". An English book that has been writen by several well known people from the crystal skull world in which personal experiences and visions are shared. The money this book brings in will be completely donated to charity. Every author has his/her own good cause, which will be sponsored by the revenues of the book. My contribution goes to: "Foundation Kids of Light".