Inca Healing Medicine Benefits

The Q’ero (Inca) shamans live in the high Andes at 17.000 feet, east of Cusco, Peru

Inca Healing Medicine is particularly helpful for you if you would like to explore who you really are on a soul level and to restore a healthy balance within yourself and your relationships on every level. Inca healing focuses on establishing strong connections with Mother Earth (Pachamama), nature, the stars and works especially to give you support, open your heart, cleanse your body and aura, open your inner vision, clear old DNA patterns of disease, and build your energy field. Inca medicine nurtures the seed of light inside you so that it can sprout, bloom and flourish. The Q'ero shamans (paqos) explain that the seed of light was planted in your heart and soul when you came to earth to be born. It is connected to our Inner Child and is also known as the Inca Seed. For many people, the seed lies dormant until it is given attention, activated, and fed. One major aspect in Inca Shamanism healing medicine is to bring yourself back to yourself. In other words, the medicine of the Incas provides the support and nourishment to reconnect with your purpose for coming into the world on the highest and purest level, as well as taste the sweetness or nectar of life.

Application of Inca Healing Medicine

Within the philosophy and practice of Inca healing medicine, there are a few basic words or pillars that truly define what Inca healing is all about. Those words and definitions are as follows:

We, (Gina and Bart) have been trained by and continue to be trained as Pampamesayoqs by the Q'ero Paqos (Male and Female Shamans, Medicine People, and Healers) of the Andes Mountains of Peru. It is a life-time journey to do this. They transmits these teaching to us orally and energetically when we are together, as well as when we are apart. The paqos are also a part of our spiritual lineage and come to assist us in dreams, visions, and during healing, along with other ancestral paqos and nature spirits who are our allies. We are trained to become ever more attuned to each part of Nature and learn directly from the spirits in Nature (Mother Earth, the mountains, the rivers, the trees, plants, stars, angels, medicine spirits, stones, and many more helpers in the layers of the heavens and earth). We gather this medicine within ourselves and can call about it during healing ceremonies to be shared with others. Over time, we have established and reinforced an energetic web matrix of heart centered relationships with our spiritual allies; and within ourselves and our sacred tools (such as our khuyas, mesas, and in our auric fields) with honored respect and reciprocity. We have learned how to prepare and purify ourselves for those we are helping and to seek and find the guidance necessary for each unique person and situation.

Our training comes through a school the Q'ero paqos created themselves and teach through named Serena Anchanchu: School for Inca Shamanism. If you would like to book a healing treatment for yourself, here are some of the forms of Inca Medicine we offer:


Despachos are offerings made of flowers and selected items used to offer to Mother Earth and other Nature Spirits. They are created as mandalas to give thanks, bring balance and reciprocity within the relationship with your guides, prayers for abundance, assistance with life relationships, and healing.

Pleiadean Stars Healing, Koto K'anch'ay (Light of the Pleiades)

The Pleiadian Stars Healing or Koto K'anch'ay is an Incan healing technique used for adjusting and integrating the higher consciousness levels of the New Times with the help of the star ancestors from the Pleiades. The energies of varying vibrational frequencies are streamed into your body and aura to assist you in your daily life. Each star brings in its own energy to support you in these times. It especially helps to guide you on your path and wipe away confusion and chaos to restore and replenish you in and your life's purpose.

Integrated Light Healing, Kausay Muju

The Integrated Light Healing or Kausay Muju is designed to integrate more light into your energy centers and auric field. With the help of specific planets (Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury), powerful light is directed into your body to increase your light and vital living energy (heart, stomach, third eye, bones, blood). These energies assist you in maintaining better health and help to seed your potential so you can grow and be nourished in your life. It is particularly helpful if you have been going through any kind of illness or stress in which you have been drained. It brings in sami (healing light energy) and boosts your immune system.

Mother Earth Connection

The Mother Earth Connection grounds you into Mother Earth (Pachamama) for a deeper connection with her and all life. Through the help of Pachamama you will feel more stable, balance, supported and especially connected and grounded. If you are feeling depressed and disconnected from Nature and other people, this healing will be especially helpful for you. It is also helpful to assist you in ways to heal and respect Mother Earth.

Mountain (Apu) Healing

The Mountain or Apu Healing brings the energy of sacred mountains to you in an energetic leyline so you can be supported in your time of need. The powerful mountains come to assist you with problems and burdens that seem too much for you to take care of alone. The mountains also open your heart, so you can feel yourself expressing your heart in a way that flows freely and unobstructed by past pain, heartbreak, insecurity or fear.

Angel (Anchanchu) Connection

The Angel Connection session connects you to your specific angels from the Upper World (Celestial Angels) for support to open the energetic pathways of your life. With the help of the angels, seven pathways and seven layers in your aura are cleansed and prepared so that you can move forward in life, the way that you were born to be. Your connection with your angels continues to support you whenever you need it and strengthens as time goes by. The angels are always by your side and are waiting for you to notice their presence.

Tree Healing

With the help of the trees, this healing technique provides protection, breaks down energetic blocks, and allows more flow in life so you can proceed to fulfill your dreams without resistance. It is also used to help you break free of old patterns so you can maneuver better in the New Times. The trees are powerful and kind spirits who think of us and all life as their children. They have nourished and allowed life on this planet as we know it and were here long before humans existed. They can help to bring you enormous healing, growth and nourishment. This technique is one of many ways they can help you, especially when you are feeling held back in life.

Crystal Healing

The Crystal healing session (Rite of the Crystals) assists you by incorporating your unique and specific etheric crystal medicine tools into your energy field (for that particular moment and time). This is done through a journeying process in which your sacred items are discovered and retrieved on your behalf. Unwanted heavy energy (patterns of disease, distress, and stress (hucha)) will be extracted with the use of your own etheric crystals and other special crystals from our sacred medicine bundle (mesa).

Crystal Skull Healing

In the Crystal Skull Healing Session, you will be assisted by the ancestors and crystal skull consciousness in order to deeply heal you on many levels.

Inca Cleansing Medicine

Ancestor Healing

In the Ancestor Healing session, we focus on cutting cords and healing dysfunctional relationships and diseases that may have been passed on through generations in your family tree. The purpose is not to sever the relationships, but to heal and help detach you from patterns that do not serve your highest good. It works to help heal your ancestors, present family, and future generations, as well as you.


The practice of Illumination is essentially to bring light into your energetic system to raise your frequency, improve your health, overall well-being, and protect you. This healing treatment can be done alone or in combination with other healing treatments. It is a blessing of light particularly from the mountains, Mother Earth, and celestial realms.

Inca Divination

We offer four forms of Incan divination readings, these include: Coca Leaves Readings, Pulse Readings, Mesa or Khuya Readings, and Pleiadian Star Readings. Each type of reading offers its own particular healing energy and is tailored to suit particular questions people have about their future or health.

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