Tao Chi - Mongolian Crystal Skull Poems

 Tao Chi a Mongolian crystal skull

Here are some poems that Tao Chi, the Petrified Wood Mongolian skull gave me when he first arrived into my care. Tao Chi is here to bring healing on many levels for all who wish to connect with him. His name means "the way of nature" or the spiritual path of all energy and Christ Consciousness. He is representative of this as a messenger between Heaven and Earth.

He comes as the White Eagle, the Tree of Life, the Crown, the balance of Yin/Yang, the mystery of birth, life, death, and resurrection and Ascension.

He is the skull with whom I work with most as a connector and ambassador for the crystal skull consciousness as a whole. He has energetic presence that also links with ancient Shamanistic and Buddhist traditions. He and the crystal skull team here work together in many ways with Oneness, Inca Shamanism, Healing, Channeling, supporting high frequencies and holding space with a lot of consciousness and energy for the benefit of earth and star realms and many individuals.

“Through the Veils”

In the days of old
When knights were bold
I sat in the tree
for thee.
Making wine (sap)
to truly see the message in the irony.

As time flew by
We sang and cried
Amidst the pouring rain
But all the while
My grace resides
Within the heart of me (stone)

Can you tell
That all is well and new as well as old?
Beyond the pale (white) Come lift the veil/vale
And speak those words of gold.
Your majesty awaits her crown

You see that day will come
to meet once more
beyond the shore..
we'll drift away in dreams.

So don't be sad any more
Wipe those tears right now
The prince will arrive
to save the day
what more we cannot say.

Blessed one, you shall not want
To lay down your travels for long
The passion play in every day
Is your gift beyond the sun/son.

If you require to know the way.
Cannot you already tell?
The answer lies between the lines
and quotes of everyone.

To be direct,
We will require
A pensive related search
to open up the sands of time
and show you to the perth/birth

In patience lies
Amidst reprise
The name that I am worth
So calibrate the hands to mine
and qualify rebirth.

“In a Nutshell an Ocean of Love”

April 12, 2010 (date of Chi’s arrival to me)

After dark, when the lights go down
My heart beats a solitary tune
In a nutshell, its time to hibernate
And give rising thoughts release to
The ocean of love whirling through time

Knock, Knock, Knock
What do you have to lose?
On a day like this
Without par

Choices fail to notice the ring of truth
Lying between sheets… of music
Get up (in time)
When you are ready
To explore the realms of conscious measure (pleasure)
Noting the fact of your born(e) and unborn(e)

March on clarion call
Bears the mark of a California peach
Immortally clinging

Could you? Wood you
Make a change. Spin the Wheel
What have you got to loose?

Breaking free of
Perpetual misnomers
Validate the peace/piece
Your open heart awaits
Without Remorse,
As the King arrives to see you

Momentously Brilliant thou art
Seeking not the avenues calling forth
But only, this couple of pairs/pears
Joining to complete their mission
Of love

Still.. remaining