Crystal Skulls and Atlantis Retreat

Crystal Skulls and Atlantis Retreat, Mallorca, 2008

Legends from around the world describe crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times. Crystal skulls are believed to "talk and sing" and to store and transmit messages for all sentient life. The lost civilization of Atlantis is also said to be part of Mallorca and the Baleric islands. Stories about crystal skulls and Atlantis have always gone hand in hand, thus this will be the perfect energetic location for this event.

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Explorations into Energy Consiousness

Explorations into Energy Consiousness, Sedona, 2008

The theme and vision of Spiritual Experience Sedona was "Explorations into Energy Consciousness." All of life begins and ends with the movement of energy through our bodies, auric fields, the environment, and in our relationships. The quality and types of energetic flow affects us on every level, at all times.

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Sacred Mexico

Sacred Mexico, Cancun Retreat, 2007

Cancun 2007 Retreat Recap

Blessings to you all! We are back from the retreat in Cancun and wanted to let you know how it went! There were 9 people that attended and we became a very nice close-knit group of friends (like a family). Those who attended were Starla Perico, Steve Jones, Brie Schwartz, Brigitte Lippincott, Sue Austin, Laurie Schafer, Liz O'Brocki, Dr. Turi, and Gina O'Connor. Everyone wants to go back again and to stay in touch now that we are friends and had a great time!

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