Explorations into Energy Consiousness

Explorations into Energy Consiousness, Sedona, 2008

The theme and vision of Spiritual Experience Sedona was "Explorations into Energy Consciousness." All of life begins and ends with the movement of energy through our bodies, auric fields, the environment, and in our relationships. The quality and types of energetic flow affects us on every level, at all times.

As spiritual souls it is especially important to understand how and why energy creates particular feelings and experiences for us. Then, we can begin to learn to raise our awareness and manifest the best uses of energy to heal and transform ourselves, those around us and our environment. Thus, this retreat will offer numerous in-depth workshops to guide us on in our week-long journey.

Some of the types of workshops included dowsing and working with earth energies and vortexes; healing human energy fields; meditation; yoga; intuitive workshops; angel and inner guidance; healing with crystals and crystal skulls (not associated with death, but the shape of our heads and as the storage centers of immense quantities of knowledge); connecting to vast energy fields such as angelic realms.

"Exploring the importance of the relationship between Earth energies and the human Energy System"

In this workshop you will get a deeper understanding of the intimate relationship between our human subtle energy system and that of the Earth. Through direct experience you will become aware of this interaction. Tools will be given to allow you to use this experience in your daily life.

"Exploring Angelic Energies"

Angel Valley has developed an Angel Walk and an Angel Wheel. These tools will help to make a deeper connection with the Angelic Realms. In this workshop you will explore your connections and how to use them on your personal journey.

"Integrations of your experiences through a crystal skull meditation"

After working with so many powerful energies, integrating them will help each participant to have the maximum benefit from their experiences. A crystal skull meditation is one of the most powerful ways to do this integration.

"Understanding the Energy of Healing"

This workshop will be devoted to the examination of the energetics of different healing modalities such as reiki, quantum touch, acupressure, acupuncture, and qigong. Each participant will gain knowledge of the methodologies; hands on experience; and instruction on self-healing, grounding, and healing others.

Hatha yoga

A yoga Instruction designed to connect with the earth and vortexes. This practice will allow the participants to move towards balance which will be tied into each day's energy work.

"Psychic Energy Development"

A class to learn to use and develop your natural clairvoyance and psychic abilities, as well as learn telepathy.

"The Energy of Soulful REALationships"

This workshop is about Remembering Embracing AbSOULute Love or soulful love within your life in ALL of your relationships. This workshop will be about getting "REAL" or Spiritually aligned with who you are in relation to all:) This will be about soulmates, twin souls, lifemates and sacred relationships. Energy consciousness exercises for soulmate will be included. Soulmate energy is free from being just romantic in nature, it CAN be but it is for soulmates of all forms to connect so this is a workshop for everyone not just for couples!

"Connecting with the Wisdom of the Ancestors"

This class will teach participants to bring themselves into alignment with their ancestral energies and to use those connections to help guide their lives in meaningful and guided directions.

Group psychic reading. Individual Psychic Readings
Sweat Lodge for purification

About Angel Valley and the Facilities

Angel Valley with its 70 acres is nestled in a secluded valley at 20-minutes distance from the center of Sedona, Arizona, and is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest. Oak Creek runs through Angel Valley year round. The famous Sedona red rocks assist in creating a unique energetic environment to support your journey of self-discovery, healing and realization of your True Self. Our True Self consists of our body, our mind, our emotions and our spiritual being. Angel Valley offers the opportunity to "retreat" from the "bus-i-ness" of life while providing the optimal condition and the services to assist in connecting with and expressing who you are, being your True Authentic Self.

The facilities, sleeping accommodations and meals at Angel Valley provide a perfect setting. The energies of various vortexes and energy spots, the waters and the vegetation support, transform, heal and nourish as well as create a powerful supportive energy field. This co-operation between Earth, Man and Spirit is an expression of the overall creation of Heaven on Earth, blending the physical and the spiritual into Oneness.

Angel Valley is a beautiful place surrounded by pristine nature. And, it is more than the ultimate place to relax and heal. It is about entering a place where powerful earth energies are present and active. It is about connecting with the invisible realms. It is about being at a place where the veil between the dimensions is thinner than in most other places.


Teachers and Healers

Jaap van Etten

Jaap van Etten is a scientist with a PhD in Biology. His spiritual journey began in the 1970’s. In the early 1990’s he began to explore the experience versus the techniques of healing. In 1992 Jaap left the 9:00 to 5:00 work world and focused on his own self-discovery. In 1998 he moved from Holland to the US. His primary interest is the connection between spirituality and science, which led him to the study of Metaphysical Ecology. This study entails the relationship between the subtle energies of the human energy system and the subtle energies of the surrounding environment. He has developed an expertise in subtle energy systems, particularly earth energies. He has learned how our belief structures, emotions and thoughts influence our energy and health. Jaap has the gift of being able to read the energy system of a person, a place or a thing. He can give understanding about what is going on, and why, and he offers means for change. Visit his website at http://www.lemurantis.com

Through vortex experiences, teaching and energy work, Jaap uses his expertise to heal others by helping them to become aware of the physical and energetic fields and by removing blockages in their energy flows. Then they can see themselves more clearly as spiritual beings having a human experience. Jaap created and developed the Vortex Experience and the Angel Wheel at Angel Valley.

Jeanne Michaels

Jeanne Michaels received a M.A. in Buddhist and Western Psychology in 1978. She is a graduate of Dolphin Healing Hearts School and is a certified Dolphin Energy Practitioner. Her background has had a holistic, spiritual approach since early childhood. She has explored and learned numerous alternative healing methods, some of which she loves to teach others so they can take more personal self-responsibility for their healing and transformation. Jeanne channels energies of the dolphins, the Archangels and other Light Beings as her main healing modality. She also works extensively with crystals and crystal skulls. Jeanne created and developed the Angel Walk at Angel Valley. She loves working with the energetics of water and how to use them for healing and transformation. She has researched the energetic qualities of the unique waters at Angel Valley. Jeanne is a non denominational ordained minister. Visit her website at http://www.lemurantis.com

Margo Callaghan's

Margo Callaghan's intuitive skills are a culmination of talents that began early on in childhood. Today she is called to respect those gifts and share them with others. She is a healer who practices Integrated Energy Therapy and Usui Reiki. Margo's talent's also include art. As a spiritual painter, she loves to create images of people's essence and what spirit transcends on canvas. This may come as spirit-guide, symbol,and or power animal. Margo is a native of New York, was educated in Colorado, trained exotic animals for the film industry and is a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Carrie Konya

Carrie Konya is an internationally renowned Psychic adviser, spiritual counselor, shamanic healer, metaphysical consultant, spiritual teacher & published writer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Her credentials include national certification as an authentic psychic with the American Association of Professional Psychics, Ordination as a Spiritualist Minister and as a Minister in the Order of Melchizedek. She is also a trained Shamanic Practitioner, certified Yoga instructor through the Yogic Sciences Research Foundation and holds an Associates Degree in Metaphysical Arts from the College of Metaphysical Studies. Originally from N.E. Ohio, Carrie Konyha is a natural born psychic. Living a childhood filled with psychic visions sparked a deep spiritual inquisitiveness that inspired a quest for spiritual truth at a very young age. Honing her skills within the scope of her own personal/spiritual development for much of her childhood and adolescence, Carrie began utilizing her psychic abilities as a spiritual service to others in 1986. Her accuracy, ethics and expertise quickly piqued the interest of her community and the media both locally and nationally. By the late 1990's she was serving as the resident psychic for popular North East Ohio radio station WNIR while also hosting her own Television show, "Psychic Advice". Her weekly radio appearances and her TV show were great successes and aired for nearly 3 years before Carries Relocation to Arizona in 2003.

Dr. Patti “Diamondlady” Diamond, DD

Dr. Patti “Diamondlady” Diamond, DD, is a u universally celebrated author, speaker, and spiritual mentor within the resonance of Spiritual Oneness. She is currently the author of two books, “Life Long Learning ~ Transforming Learning; Discovering Learning Through Living Life in Limitless Possibilities” and “Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience”; and has appeared on radio shows and within international publications. She is a Spiritual Medium, Visionary, and has been gifted by Spirit as an Ascended Master. As a clear conduit of the Divine, Patti channels the wisdom of Spirit within Multi~Dimensional ways to inspire each soul to develop their own inner voice of the soul of who they are and brings the gifts of Infinite Healing, AbSOULute Love or Soulful Love, Light, and Peace to all whom she inspires.

Dr. Patti is the Director of The Diamondlight International Spiritual Oneness Center and also the OneSoul REALationship Series. The Center is a Multi~Dimensional and trans~denominational spiritual community whose doors are open to all souls ~ to assist all souls with spirituality, personal transformation, the remembering of the Spiritual Oneness Light we all are and for all souls who desire to be in selfless service to all souls of the Universe. The OneSoul REALationship Series is a way of BEing in life that assists souls with the Remembering and Embracing of AbSOULute Love or soulful love within your life in ALL of your relationships. This Spiritual Series is about getting "REAL" or spiritually aligned with who you are in relation to all. Patti also provides spiritual readings, healings, and counseling on relationships.