Q'ero Elder Message: In Preparation for December 21 2012

Don Mariano, Q'ero Inca Elder shares a message

The Third Phase of the Great Pachacuti!

On June 21st of 2012, according to the paqos, we entered the third phase of the Time of the New Beginning - which, for the paqos, is the time of the Great Pachacuti. The duration of the third phase is 6 months: having commenced on the 21st of June, it will culminate on the 21st of December. At this point - on December 21, 2012 - we will formally step into what the Q'ero paqos refer to as the New Kingdom, or New Realm of Energy.

Vibrations of the divine feminine constellated around the date of June 21st, while vibrations of the divine masculine will constellate around the date of December 21st. On the date of December 21st, the divine feminine and divine masculine energies will melt together, and we will formally step into the New Kingdom of Energy. For the paqos, this New Realm of Energy will be infused with an increase in consciousness and a greatly expanded, new perception.

Beloved Elder Paqo Don Mariano Quispe shares that during the span of time of the third phase (which commenced on June 21st,) we must do the (inner) work to find our path: the path of our soul. He recommends that we listen to and follow the command of our soul. He shares that our soul will guide us and will align us with who we truly and deeply are, and with what our offerings are in this world and on this planet.

Don Mariano also clearly advises that this is the time during which we must embrace the teacher within us; he recommends that we re-encounter the teacher within us and follow the counsel and guidance of our own sacred inner teacher.

According to the paqos, each of us carries within us 7 gifts. Some of these gifts have already crystallized (have adopted tangible form and expression), and some of these gifts have not yet crystallized. During this third phase of the Great Pachacuti, we are invited to step out from our own shadows and to invoke the crystallization and expression of all 7 of our gifts. The creativity within us is awakening deeply during this period from solstice to solstice, and our creativity will support this process of the unfoldment and blossoming of our gifts.

Don Mariano suggests that, during this 6 month period, we work on anchoring ourselves while at the same time cultivating a posture of openness, interest, and curiosity - so that we are centered open channels to receive pure information about our own true natures and about the expressions of our gifts. It is interesting to note that for Don Mariano, one of our gifts may be that we are a healer; and that one of our gifts may be that we are not a healer.

Don Mariano is particularly aware of the fact that many of us hide - or try to hide - our potential. He says that this phase of the Great Pachacuti demands that we no longer hide. We are being invited to align more fully with 'knowing and showing' who we truly and deeply are, in alignment with our souls, on the planet.

In fact, the energies of the planet and of the cosmos will not allow us to continue hiding. Don Mariano recommends that if anything comes up for us during this 6th month period, it would be wise for us to not push it to the side, but to cultivate a '3-D' perspective around it - contemplating it from all angles. Shortly before the arrival of December 21st, there will be a sacred energetic doorway that opens. On 12/12/12, we will be invited to do deep personal work that will support us in our journey across the threshold of the New Kingdom.

Don Mariano will share additional information with us about 12/12/12 and our invitation to do personal work in the near future.